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Messolonghi: Locals jeer and boo Justice Minister (video)

Greeks are at the verge of nervous breakdown and do not hesitate to verbally attack government officials -preferably ministers – wherever they meet them. This time, angry lawyers had gathered to ‘welcome’ Justice Minister Xaris Kastanidis in the town of Messolonghi in West Greece.  Kastanidis climbed the long stairs of the local court building accompanied by the sound of  raging jeers, boos and harsh swearing.

Residents and local lawyers were protesting the ministry’s decision to establish a Court of Appeals at the 200km away town of Agrinio. The minister said the decisions were taken by previous government committees, the locals replied that voting results were omitted and that there were irregulations in the decision mechnanism, and the end of the discussion… you will hear in the following video.

For those who don’t speak Greek… “Shame!” and “Disgrace” are the most polite expressions the angry crow shouted at the minister.




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