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Tsipras: Deputy PM is the BILD newspaper of the Greek government

I normally avoid to post about the fights among members of different Greek political parties that mostly serve internal affairs and voters. But this line of Left Wing party Synaspismos chairman Alexis Tsipras is really worth reporting. Tsipras was referring to deputy prime minister Theodoros Pangalos who on his part has often accused the left-wing party members for the verbal attacks or or the hurled yogurt against him.

“Pangalos is for the Greek government what sensationalist BILD newspaper is for Germany” said Tsipras, he is the informal spokesman for the dirty work.”

Speaking last night at a party meeting in Piraeus, Tsipras explained his comparison.

“You may have noticed that Bild newspaper and Pangalos say more or less the same things.  That Greeks are unduly lazy and bon vivants, they do like to work and that now they have to pay. This was said by the BILD newspaper as well before Greece went to IMF.”

Tsipras gave the government the total responsibility for what Pangalos say and argued that the practice of “hopelessly lowering the level of debate in order to pass a bulldozer like policy is that has been decided upon, can not remain unanswered .

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