Friday , September 22 2023
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Good Friday in Greece – Epitafios videos

 It smells lilac today on Good Friday – the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. In Greek Orthodox churches, at 12 noon the body of Jesus is taken down from Crucifix and laid to the Tomb; symbolized by the flower-covered Epitafios.  The bell is mourning every hour until the evening. At 9 pm the Epitafios procession begins with men carrying the Epitafios around the church neighborhood and the clergy and chorus chanting the most heart touching Lamentations – Praises for the Death of Jesus. The believers follow the procession with  candles. In some areas, the Epitafios from several churches meet together. The most impressing Epitafios meeting takes place in Athens downtown in front of the Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square. Athens downtown is closed to traffic.

Video: Axion Esti – Ai geneai ai pasai – O my sweet spring, my sweet child, where did Thy beauty set

Video: Epitafios Procession
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