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Xematiasma: 60% of Greeks believe prayers against Evil Eye cure headaches

Got a headache? Why bother with a painkiller? Get a ‘healer’ and get rid of the Evil Eye right away. If the headaches persist you can consult a doctor, but according to 60 percent of Greeks they will first get a ‘xematiasma’ and then seek other solutions to cure themselves. …

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Martis: The red and white bracelet to welcome spring

Childhood memories revived when I watched short live stream from Serres in Northern Greece this morning. Children in traditional dresses with a red pom pom on white headscarf were singing the Spring Carols. On their wrists all children wore Martis, the bracelet made of red and white string. The name …

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Good Friday in Greece – Epitafios videos

 It smells lilac today on Good Friday – the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. In Greek Orthodox churches, at 12 noon the body of Jesus is taken down from Crucifix and laid to the Tomb; symbolized by the flower-covered Epitafios.  The bell …

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“Kathari Deytera” – Tradition of Lagana, Sea Food and Kites

Kathari Deytera or Clean Monday marks the end of Carnival and the beginning of the Greek Christian Orthodox Lent – the 40 days fasting until Eastern. What is the best way to celebrate the beginning of Lent? With plenty of Food! Ha! And Kites!   Traditionally the tables are covered with …

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