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General Census for Greeks & Foreigners, May 10-24, 2011

A general census for humans living in Greece will take place May 10-24, 2011. An army of 55,000 enumerators will go on the streets, knock on doors and ask questions about age, occupation, education, employment. Furthermore there will be questions about the home,  like energy sources, water, heating, insulation, waste management, accessibility to internet, number of parking slots.

No evidence of legality on persons or buildings/houses will be asked. In fact you should not show any papers or legal documents. Just answer the questions orally.

Contrary to previous census, not all people living in a home need to answer the questions, it’s enough if one member of the household gives the information for the others as well.

It is estimated thatquestion process will last some 20-25 minutes. The participation is compulsory for Greeks and foreigners, legal or illegal, homeless or not.

For immigrants, there are specific provisions under which the census will take place in their own language, with the help of their community members. Immigrants will not need to present any evidence of legal presence in Greece. Special provisions also exist for Roma as well as for homeless people.

The census staff will carry an ELSTAT-badge with a telephone number where citizens can verify the identity of the census personnel. If residents are absent at the first visit,  enumerators will leave name and phone number to arrange an appointment, so said an ELSTAT official at the state television NET this morning.

A census is taking place very 10 years and aims to obtain data on demographic, economic and social characteristics of the population.

The data collected by the Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT) is confidential and protected by the confidentiality provided by the Greek and international legislation, while the results will be published statistical tables and indices without mentioning names, said chairman of ELSTAT in a press conference.

The first results will be published in June 2011, the full presentation half a year later.

What if you don’t speak the language?  I’m sure the enumerators will speak very good or at least some English… And don’t worry if you can’t answer the question when the flat you rent was built. The census staff will do it for you…

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