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Athens: Violence out of control – 3 Civilians Injured (video)

Violent attacks continue in Athens downtown and Saturday morning a group of some 30 hooded people hurled fire bombs against the police station of Exarchia district. When the attacks expanded to a nearby open market, 3 people got injured.

 A hell fire broke out when the hooded group poured fuel on the pavement outside the police station and set two police cars on fire. They also hurled fire bombs and stones.

Some streets away they set a motorbike on fire what exploded. The incidents extended to the open market that takes place every Saturday morning at Kallidromiou street.

According to Greek private Mega channel TV, a woman and two men were injured when a police motorbike that was on fire due to a molotov cocktail by a hit a market stand. The injured have been taken to hospital with burn injuries. The woman was working at the market and the men were customers.

Currently some dozens people are gathered at the Exarchia square, an area notorious for clashes between anti-authoritarian groups and the police.

video from the open market: People complain that the ambulance is late, curse at everyone, police, attackers…

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