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Wikileaks: Turkey had agreed on expansion of 6 miles in some areas

Wikileaks is still alive. And it released some confidential documents, embassy reports concerning Greece and Turkey. According to TO VIMA  Sunday edition, “Turkey was bargaining on extension beyond the six nautical miles in the Aegean.”

Ankara had proposed  already in September 2009 the selective expansion of Greek territorial waters beyond six miles, depending on the region  – a proposal reportedly being discussed even today at the exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey – as well as an appeal to the International Court of The Hague for a thorough package on the Aegean Sea issue..

It was a time when Washington was pushing for the adoption of a “code of conduct” which included, among others, unarmed flights over Aegean Sea, according to the telegrams leaked by Wikileaks. Furthermore the telegrams reveal the content  of the letter by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to his Greek counterpart George Papandreou showing that the U.S. proposals were adopted almost entirely by Ankara.

Another Point of interest is that the Turkish Foreign Ministry was putting pressure on the powerful Turkish military to decrease the flights over the Aegean.

As the documents are 19 pages long, you better read the Wikileaks directly here

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