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Amorgos: Monk Seal Stabbed to Death

 What’s in the mind of a “human” to stab an animal to death? Probably things that my good manners wouldn’t allow me to write in a public post. A young, male monk seal was stabbed to death on purpose by sharp object, the autopsy showed. The monk seal had firstly appear in the waters of the island of Amorgos last April. He became not only friendly with the residents but also the “mascot” of the island for tourists. The NGO MOm  for the protection and study of  monk seals often been informed by the residents, the port authority and the municipality about tthe progress of the seal. However last Friday, it was infromed by the Amorgos Diving Centre that he was found dead.

The corpse of the unlucky animal was sent to Athens for autopsy. The examination showed that the mammal was hurt by short distance through a sharp object that entered its body from his back and cut his lung.

The MOm stresses in a statement that the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus Monachus is currently the most endangered marine mammal in Europe and is classified as a species facing the danger of extinction.  As the species is  protected by law, the NGO reserves the right to use all legitimate and legal means against the culprit.

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  1. Staabsstelle Thierachtung

    A German animal-protection team is underway to investigate this. The seal killer better turn himself over to police, or the Germans may eliminate the population and sell the island to the WWF.

  2. I say, throw the psychopath in a laboratory and make experiments on him, he accounts for 4 % of the useless population that give their sick genes to more children…We have to test these bastards.