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Greeks send Bailiffs to MPs over the IMF-Memorandum

Extrajudicial lawsuits sent to members of the Greek Parliament seems to be one of the many ways of civic pressure to persuade lawmakers not to vote the Mid-Term Austerity Memorandum. Citizens from Chania (Crete), Pyrgos(Peloponnese) and the civic movement 300Greeks have sent extrajudicial lawsuits to several lawmakers from governing party PASOK and main opposition center-right Nea Dimokratia asking them not to vote for the Mid-Term austerity package. Furthermore they threaten the MPs that they will file proper law suits against them and sue them for serious harms, life threatening and life threatened  impact of the loan agreements.

The angry citizens from Chania and Pyrgos sent their lawsuits per bailiffs to lawmakers elected in their region.

“We expect those elected to the Greek Parliament to defend the interests of the Greek people, and not the interests of bankers and big capital, ” wrote the citizens from Chania urging the MPs not to vote for the Memorandum and stressing that  “if they do so, they bear the full responsibilities, which they will be held accountable for.”

On their part, the civic movement “300 Greeks” noted among others in their lenghty lawsuit that the loan agreements between Greece and its lenders are against the Constitution and demand the immediate cancellation of them.

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