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Greek PM: We had 3 Options-Default, Eurozone Exit, Bailout

Greece prime Minister George Papandreou revealed for the first time he was considering the options of “default” and “exit the eurozone” but that he finally picked up the “bailout”.  Speaking at the Greek Parliament during the debate for the vote of confidence, Papandreou announced a referendum for ‘important changes’ among others for constitutional reforms.

He spoke also of “saving the country with the help of the people” and other nice and inspiring things.

He stressed his five main targets for the near future: 

1) To restore injustice that was worsened by the MoU. “We are ready to discuss new taxation systems.”

2) Constitutional reforms with changes also referring to the ‘ministrers’ responsibilities”. He announced a committee of 2-25 people to work on the issue.

3) Changes in public administration and funtioning of it.

4) Changes in the ‘production model’ and utilization of state assets.

5) Changes in social policy, with minimum guaranteed living standard, fair contributions, medical insurance for jobless.

He said ‘No” to pejorative conditions for bailout such as issues of national issues.

During the debate the leaders of the other political  parties asked openly “elections now”. Most likely the vote of confidence will be given to PASOk only by its onw MPs.

Read more about PM’s speech here

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