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(Upd) Hand in Hand? Hoodies and Police… (video)

Greece is shocked by the following video, showing so-called “Hoodies” entering the Parliament building in police escort. No, they are not been detained… They are just taken away froom the crowd. The footage was broadcasted also in private television network ALTER while the police spokesman was on live interview.

The footage starts with the detention of a 65-years-old member of left group ANTARSYA but also some ‘weird ‘ coming together of policemen and  people wearing  masks and hoods.

They take with them the protester and one policeman kicks him.

At 1:54  men with masks come close to a riot police squad . Hoodies and Policemen keep talking with each other. Police takes these men toward the parliament building.

Greek police EL.AS spokesman A, Kokkalakis told ALTER TV that the video will be given to prosecutor to investigate the issue.

Earlier musician Mikis Theodorakis and Greek Communist PArty (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga had denounced that behind Wednesday’s riots were ‘elements who serve the government interests’.

Wednesday’s riots and clashes started while the debate and the Mit-Term Austerity Package voting were taken place in the Parliament. With extensive use of tear gas and flash grenades the police dispersed the crowds of “Indignant” Greeks protesting and moved them away from the Parliament building.

Κουκουλοφόροι και αστυνομικοί στο Σύνταγμα by News247

the video was first posted in and then in

Right now (23:52 local time) there is a guy on KONTRA Channel claiming that the hooded men are bus drivers who sought the police protection….

UPDATE The two men are indeed drivers at Athens ETHEL bus company. Collegues of them described them as “extreme” and formed members of the labour union. One of them said to Greek media that he constibutes to extreme far-right websites.


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  1. that police in civil clothes try to don’t look strange is nothing new.
    That there are agent provocateurs is also nothing new.
    But who needs them at the situation right now? Tha people have enough reasons to be angry. Very angry.
    So i don’t understand what you have in general against “hoodies”. Or is “hoodies” only a code word for police in civil clothes and you mean not every youth with a hood?

  2. It is also possible that this guys in plain clothes that can be se seen in the video are fascists e.g. from golden dawn.
    They are known to work together with police…