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UPDATE: 6.5-year-old girl drowned in Corinth; father arrested

A 6.5-year-old girl was found unconscious under a boat at the beach of Kalamaki in the Saronic Gulf  of Isthmia by Corinth on Monday afternoon. Authorities arrested the father, a foreign national, on Tuesday. According to a statement by the Greek Coast Guard, the body of the girl was discovered …

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Opposition party To Potami questions credibility of Finance Ministry Lottery

The leader of small opposition party To Potami has put the credibility of the procedure of the finance ministry lottery that is based on taxpayers’ receipts based on purchases via credit and debit cards. Leader Stavros Theodorakis demands the prosecutors’ intervention on the issue claiming that “the statistical impossible has …

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Activism questionnaire by SYRIZA-Youth asks about “involvement in theft from supermarkets”

The online questionnaire uploaded by the Youth organization of ruling left-wing  SYRIZA is theoretically a sociological research, an attempt to gather the opinion of the basic of the youth organization. However, several questions are unconventional and even rename the criminal offense of “theft” into “activism”. The questionnaire triggered an outrage …

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Eurogroup FinMins give Greece two-month bailout “technical” extension

Euro zone finance ministers have provisionally granted Greece a two month “technical extension” to its €245bn bailout. The Eurogroup of finance ministers said in a statement that if a series of fiscal adjustments were carried out within the two month period, the euro zone’s rescue fund – the EFSF – …

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(Upd) Hand in Hand? Hoodies and Police… (video)

Greece is shocked by the following video, showing so-called “Hoodies” entering the Parliament building in police escort. No, they are not been detained… They are just taken away froom the crowd. The footage was broadcasted also in private television network ALTER while the police spokesman was on live interview. The …

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