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Greek Police Spreads Horror in Tourist Area (video)

Can you imagine you sit in a tourists district of Athens, 1,5 km away from rioting and clashing Syntagma Square, and a police squad on motorbikes drives on a pedestrians street on high speed? And while you looked at them stunned and with open mouth, they even drop a flash grenade? And thus, for absolutely no reason??? This happened on Wednesday afternoon in famous tourist district Monastiraki, as shown in this unbelievable video footage.

The area is full with Greeks and tourists sitting and enjoying lunch. A turmoil comes up, nobody knows what and why… Suddenly panic. Several police motorbikes with policemen in full uniform start ‘parading’. People stand up form their chairs, step aside and stun in shock.

Some Greeks  shout “Junta” and “Fascists” and some “French” expressions.  

Before anyone dares to react, a poiliceman throws a flash grenade. Some people shout in fear, are horrified.

The video is really creepy and there is not explanation as to why the police had to pass through this area and spread terror and panic.


Is this tourism promotion?

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  1. Its unbelievable.
    Like a movie or a Western with John Wayne

  2. How nice. Now they want the remaining tourists out?

  3. I’ve heard the french police had these moto-cops until 1981 or so but too many demonstrators got killed by them. Imagine the baton is even more dangerous when the bike is moving!
    I can understand to use these commandos against robbers but that some of them got killed in shootouts (also because they don’t have money for bullet-proof-vests!) doesn’t mean they can be Police-Junta …
    But remember the 6 year old kid got killed by one of them or that old demonstrating woman flying over Syntagma because these bastard hits here with the bike full speed and later on the other cops attack the helping people and also the ambulance.
    These pictures are Teheran and not Athens. I suggest to call them “Persian Riders” “Teheranis” or just “Persians” to scandalize that shit.
    It must get a greek word the whole world knows immediately of its meaning and in future times hopefully history. That’s the way to get them away from demonstrations and citizens.