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Political Party Files Lawsuit Against Greek Police on Tear-Gas & Violence

A lawsuit was filed on Friday morning against the Greek Police EL.AS by Alexis Tsipras, leader of the of the left-wing political party SYRIZA with 9 seats in the Greek Parliament. Tsipras submitted to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court photographs and 38 video footage and eye witnesses testimonies documenting the excessive …

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Greek Police Union Apologizes for the Violence

President of the Policemen Union (POASY) G. Fotopoulos publicly apologized for the extensive use of violence by police on Wednesday.  Fotopoulos apologized in  radio programmes in the morning, he repeated his regrets in the on television in the afternoon. “I apologize from the public. That’s a shame!” he said and accused the political …

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Max Keiser: Papandreou is the Greek “Ceauşescu”

Somebody is really mad about what happened in Athens on Wednesday and the unprecedented use of tears gas even expired one (see picture below). Interesting is the fact that he is not even Greek. He is Max Keiser, the famous American broadcaster,  film-maker, and former equities broker  and  host of  “Keiser …

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