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Max Keiser: Papandreou is the Greek “Ceauşescu”

Somebody is really mad about what happened in Athens on Wednesday and the unprecedented use of tears gas even expired one (see picture below). Interesting is the fact that he is not even Greek. He is Max Keiser, the famous American broadcaster,  film-maker, and former equities broker  and  host of  “Keiser Report”, a financial program broadcast on RT .

Max Keiser is in Athens and happened to be even an eye witness of the incident, where police attacked with clubs people eating at a restaurant in Monastiraki.

He must be in great shock, indeed. In his blog Keiser describes Prime Minister George Papandreou as the “Greek Ceausescu”, the Romanian dictator.

He starts his “Live blogging from witness in Syntagma Square” writing

Police makes massive attacks to anybody walking at Syntagma Square and streets beside.

They decided to suppress protests using any kind of violence.

Papandreou became the Greek Tchausesku !!!

Tear gas is nothing if compared with today’s violence.

Today they kick kids, women, old people & tourists eating at the restaurant where we have been together.

More than 200 people stay with broken legs & hands and there are not ambulances to transfer them to the hospitals.

They throw tear gas inside the metro station & inside coffee shops & restaurants, people they get out with panic and, then, police start kicking them violently.

We never saw something like in this country.

And he continues:

Papandreou is first an idiot and then a traitor.

He tries to save the bankrupt Greek bankers, killing Greeks at Syntagma Square.

He doesn’t understand that banksters like treason but they hate traitors.

And when bankruptcy will be officially declared, ECB will immediately block & execute the remaining deposits in the Greek banks (20 billions against 220), as they have been collateralized by the Greek Banks when they received cash against govt bonds.

Read the whole really angry Max Keiser HERE 

Expired in 1995 – I thought tear gas is unhealthy anyway…

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