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“Syriza is undermining democracy in Greece,” writes ex PM Samaras in FT

“Syriza is undermining democracy is Greece,” and the “Tsipras government has mounted an attack on the rule of law,” writes former prime minister Antonis Samaras from conservative New Democracy. In an opinion article posted on Financial Times, the prime minister who closed state broadcaster ERT overnight in June 2013is unfolding …

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The Greece Blame Game Revisited

Greeks have seen this film of  “Greece Blame Game” a thousand times since 2010. At first, it was the Euro crisis, now it is the Refugees. For the European “partners” economically weak Greece is the easy target that can be blamed everything, for all problems of the European Union.  EU’s …

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ERT shutdown: Greeks say “This is junta!”

“This is junta!” Giorgos’ comment is very clear when I ask him what does he think of ERT’s shutdown. “An overnight decision that brings totally upside down. That’s the very point: the citizen does not know what will happen to him, from one day to the next.” Giorgos, 30,  is …

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WSJ: a glorifying win-win portrait for Greek PM Antonis Samaras

There are moments in my life when the only comment that comes in my mind is “whatever…”. That’s what I also thought when I read this article at Wall Street Journal. Researcher and historian Stan Draenos glorifyies Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras with striking argumentation like “determination,  effective governance and …

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Troika Inspection of Greece Starts on the Anniversary of “Democracy Restoration”

Somebody must have had a promiscuous sense of humour to send the Greece’s lenders, the so-called “Troika”, to Athens today. On the 38th Anniversary of the “Restoration of Democracy” that marks the end of the military dictatorship in Greece, on 24th July 1974.  Who arranged this arrival on such day? Christine Lagarde? Jose …

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Max Keiser: Papandreou is the Greek “Ceauşescu”

Somebody is really mad about what happened in Athens on Wednesday and the unprecedented use of tears gas even expired one (see picture below). Interesting is the fact that he is not even Greek. He is Max Keiser, the famous American broadcaster,  film-maker, and former equities broker  and  host of  “Keiser …

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