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Chaos in Athens – Live Streaming & Blogging, June 29 (PartII)

I have to start a new post as the situation is really out of control and the Blogging I started this morning became too long-You can read the what happened from morning until 7 o’ clock pm click HERE

Live Streaming from Athens
if you see no picture, and wait for a while.

LIVE STREAMING: Πεδίο μάχης το Σύνταγμα by News247


Metro #Syntagma Starion: Doctors appeal for material and human aid. They need doctors and several items like Malox, medication for burns, oxygene.

A doctors was just saying that they cure the injured on the 1st floor, carry them through the stairs to metro vaggons and transport them to #Evangelismos Station for proper medical care. The situation is very bad and puts the health of the injured in danger. grave for many of the injured. She spoke also of heart attack episodes.

Injured protesters at the Metro Station


The President of the Pharmasists’ Association describes the situation in the Metro First Aid as “Hell” “It’s like being in a war. You see open heads, burns, people has severe respiratory problems. We need urgent help. Medication for burns , we need doctors. These tramps fire tear gas against anyone. We are standing with other pharmasists on the square, there were no hooded rioters around and they fired tear gas against us. That’s a criminal.” said Kostas Lourantos.

19: 46
A bank branch was set on fire on Panepistimiou Street, opposite the Athens University. Three employees could be rescued. The fire was extinguished by the fire brigades.
According to reports, Hoodies rolled up the barricades of the Agricultural bank, entered, destroyed personal computers and desks.

Very very angry crowd, they beat with sticks even garbage bins. Damage pavement columns. Destory shops windows.

Stone-war in front of the Finance Ministry between Hoodies and riot police.


ALTER TV: Monday morning the American Embassy informed US citizens to avoid downtown Athens on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday !!!!!!

The newspanel discusses about an organized plan by the police to empty Syntagma SQ from the “Indignant” Greeks.

They ask what will happen if somebody of the injured trapped at the Metro Station dies….

This morning in Athens

Dangerous “Oldies”

Pharmasists respond to the appeal and give medication and othe rmaterial for the injured at the Metro Station


Kostas Lourantos, President of Pharmasists’ Association tells right now to ALTER TV, that he was warned by riot police not to return to METRO #Syntagma Station with medication.

Police threw tear gas inside the Metro….


Newspaper Proto Thema : Operation clean the Square

Excessive and unprecedented usage of chemicals, uncontrolled and brutal violence against ordinary citizens and challenging tolerance towards hooded rioters … These are the three components of the operational plan of the Police, which bears the code name “End the Square”, it turned the Syntagma Sq into into Baghdad and ridiculted the country across the world.

“The instructions were clear … The story of the chemical and the tear gas is big,” tells to a combatant officer who knows the business plan of the Police of the last two days and adds: “Syntagma Sq should be emptied of protesters and this should be done in every way. ”

Of course, many questions rise about the behaviour of some riot policemen who, surpassing every limit, throw stones at demonstrators, spray people with chemicals in the metro station, beat even women without reason and any provocation.

Hoodies keep destroying everything – debris all around

A fire broke out in a shop on the basement of the Finance Ministry building – fire extinguished *** It’s high time the Finance Ministry relocates***

All clear in government/police front
Police spokesman dissmised infromation police threw tear gas at the metro station. He also spoke of “alleged extensive use of violence”.

-Government spokeman “What a pity the picture of Greece broadcasted by international media”
-Journalist: “That’s not the issue!”.

Fires on Syntagma Sq – smaller fires on the surrounding streets

Riots on the Ermou Street

Questions rise as to why the police does not arrest the vandals

Throwing expired Tear gas? Oh, that’s very dangerous….. if the stuff expired already in 1995

source: here

Businessman commited suicide in Thessaloniki. The 45-years-old man was co-onwer of the famous restaurant “Seven Seas”. He left a notice blaiming economic troubles. Then he jumped from the balcony…

A new rain of tear gas and flash grenades at Syntagma Sq – the night will be long…

Solidarity from Amsterdam

source : ghensel

Video : Tear gas in the Metro – earlier Police dismissed chems in the metro

Χημικά στο Μετρό by babisflou

According to health ministry 99 people were taken to several Athens hospitals. The youngest injured is 15 years old

Cig break during tear gas

Tensions continues in, on, at and around Syntagma Sq.

Live bloggiing conludes here – Thank you very much for following “Keep Talking Greece

Let’s see what tomorrow brings….

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  1. wtf… tear gas in a metro station? Are they insane? Looks like the greek government has gone to war against its own people.

  2. expired teargas

    expired teargas could mean they run out of it again and must ask for deliveries from abroad…
    are there any fires like last night that were only ignited to eat the teargas away?

    • Yes. Kiosks, garbage and the benches in the square have been burned. Anything that is not petro-based is burned. Plastics are also burned, furniture, and anything to disperse the chemicals.

  3. “Citizens’ Protection Ministry” seems like an Orwellian joke. They are there to protect the corrupt governing class from the citzens.
    On film handing out “regulation” size cudgels to the “anarchists”, who appear miraculously all at once, and “provoke” the police to tear gas the crowd and clear the square, not to mention being welcomed into their ranks by the police in front of parliament, they are clearly there to prevent peaceful protest. And if not corrupt, they must be totally incompetent, since they cannot anticipate or prevent these predictable incursions which endanger the public, but just play stone throwing games with the “anarchists” and tear gas the innocents.

  4. I ask my self, how can the police live with themselves with what they have done? How can their neighbors live with themselves knowing such monsters live next to them. How can their husbands and wives live with them, knowing what they have done? How can their children face the other children with their faces held up, knowing what their fathers and mothers did? How can the Greece live with themselves knowing these beast live admits them? They should be dealt with appropriately, on duty and off duty! They should be ostracized by their fellow man and woman for what they have done! So long there is no consequences after the fact for their action they will keep abusing their power. Get them where they are vulnerable, at their homes, when they are off-duty. Make their lives one of fear for what they have done. We as humans should not accept and tolerate abuse, bring it right back to them.

  5. The numbers of the “hoodies” increased exponentially immediately after the vote was announced as well. Not long after that the “big push” for the square happened, in which police rushed the square, clubbed indiscrimenantly, and gassed the metro.