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EU Juncker: Greek sovereignty to be massively limited

“From the first time I saw him I knew we would be together” said reportedly Charlene short before her marriage to the ruler of Monaco Albert II. Hours later and after the wedding she busted into tears. Was just  an emotional outburst that can happen to every bride around the world? Or just the desperation coming from the many rumors that her husband and life companion for 10 years, has been wandering around planting children here and there. According to reports, Charlene tried to flee three times and yet at the end she followed Albert II to the Cathedral. Most probably she feels imprisoned now in a golden cage. As so do I feel.  With a slight difference though. My cage is old, the iron bars worn out, the seeds have grown wild and nobody to feed the discoloured bird. Yes, Greeks, are imprisoned in a EU-cage and things will get even worst: We lose our sovereignty!

That was confirmed by Jean-Claude Juncker, Eurogroup chief, in an interview to German weekly Focus:

Greece faces severe restrictions on its sovereignty and must privatize state assets on a scale similar to the sell off of East German firms in the 1990s after communism fell,

In an interview published after euro zone finance ministers in the Eurogroup approved a further 12 billion euro ($17.43 billion) installment of Greece’s bailout, Juncker said he was optimistic that measures agreed with Athens would help to resolve the country’s problems.

“The sovereignty of Greece will be massively limited,” Juncker said and  adding that teams of experts from around the euro zone would heading to Greece”.

If you want more details on this shameful statement, read the story in Reuters.

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  1. This has only one aim: To remind of the execution of Detlev Karsten Rohwedder…
    It’s more than a shame but seeing a rapist getting prez of France is a way better joke than childmolester Polanski getting a fat Berlinale-Price while being on bail.
    Could be both are best friends with that Juncker.
    Check out what the german word “Junker” means! It fits brilliant with that GDR-sellout shit that resulted in exploding rascist violence and the migration of 12% of east germany’s population plus over 20% unemployment.
    But in Germany there is a welfare-system and nobody will die of hunger!!!
    Not only that they sold off the property of the east-germans for nothing they also took that as an excuse not to pay 162 bln € of war-reparation to Greece.
    Study the tactics of the anti-olympia movements in Berlin and Amsterdam.
    What will they do when they can’t find any buyers?

  2. What else do you expect to happen, that the countries Greece consistently lied to, to get into the euro and then compounded that lie with phony figures every year therafter, will go on letting the Greeks rip them off? Let someone else run the state institutions properly be they German, French or Dutch, the people of Greece will be better off in the Lon run to have someone less corrupt do it

    • keeptalkinggreece

      as I am used to live in a democracy I insist of voting the governing people or do you have an EU dictatorship here? you name the easy solution when you very well know that it is an EU systemic crisis.

    • translater school

      Looks like a nice chance to learn proper greek because only totally corrupt Greeks will help translating to make this organised crime become reality. But on the other hand teaching will take years. And btw.: Not “Greece” was lying, it would be their politicians or helping banksters, not “Greece”. But even the politicians weren’t lying because Karamanlis best buddy Merkel knew about this shit already and she was doing the same shit like all the others.