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Turkey’s Islands Hopping to Europe? Turkish Mogul Wants 50 Greek Islands

OK, to be frank, the Chairman of FIYAPI construction company, Fikret Inan, wants to buy only/and or at least three Greek islands. But deep in his heart the megalomaniac businessman has a plan :”If more Turkish business people follow the same strategy and buy up to 50 Greek islands in the Aegean, Turkey will have “easier access to Europe, ” Inan told semi-official Turkish Anatolian News Agency.

“If we ever, God willing, do such business, a bridge between Turkey and Greece will have been established. We will then be able to receive guests at both our island in Turkey and those in Greece. We will also provide ferry services between them,” he added.

Ambitious Fikret claimed, he sees no political obstacles to his plan and explained ANA his tricky way to acquire the islands , should such problems arise: ” I will then establish a company in Greece and buy those islands via that company”.

Most probably while I write this post, grandeur Fikret bey is building bridges on his play-mobil construction carrying the sedusive name “Islands Hopping to Europe”. 

Further he claims that there is no official objection until now, not even from the intermediary institutions.

However, Fikret bey is well advised to read what a Greek highest ranking military source told Greek portal :

“There is no way that the Greek Navy approves the sale of Greek islands to Turkish owners. This farce must end” highest source at General Staff of National Defense told defencenet when asked to comment on Zaman daily news.

The same source said that “on the foreshore it can no longer be binding to have the approval of the Navy, but for the transfer of island areas, especially on the Aegean Sea everything passes by the General Staff. And there will be not a Greek naval officer to approve the sale of Greek present or future sale of any Greek island to Turkish citizens. To liberate these islands we poured a lot of Greek blood. Blood can not be measured in money, neither the pride of the country. Greek blood is not for sale. Furthermore we don’t believe there can be a Greek politician whol could make such a move. The Greek islands are conquered only with guns not with money. Anyone who wants to try here we are “, the highest official at the Greek General Staff said.”

Most probably as I am writing  this post, grandeur Fikret is building visual bridges on his play-mobil construction carrying the delusive name “Turkey: Through Islands Hopping to Europe”.  What does he smoke?

Read the whole interview of Fikret Inan as published by Turkish conservative daily ZAMAN.

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  1. Two points.
    First about Mr. Fikret. receiving guests on islands in Greece and Turkey and providing ferry services between them is a good idea and can be done now without buying anything else than some real estate on some Turkish and Greek islands.
    His biggest mistake is thinking that IF he and his collegues would buy a Greek island or two that this would change anything about the nationality and status of those islands. His Turkish islands still would be outside the EU and the full Greek and EU jurisdiction would still apply to those island. There still would be Greek police, Greek soldiers but formost, and Mr. Fikret will not like that one bit, Greek civil servants like the dreaded tax-official!

    Second point is about that high source at the General Staff of National Defense telling “There is no way that the Greek Navy approves…”.
    Call me old fashiond but there is no way that the Greek Navy will ever again have the power to approve or disapprove anything in this matter. They are and will always be subordinate to the civil government, the parliament and the Greek people.
    If they still have the power to block decissions taken by the legitimate government of this country then that is an abomination in a democracy.
    My advise is to relieve him/her of his/her post immediately, because he/she has proven without a doubt not fit to be in the position he/she is in. In fact he/she is dangerous and if he/she wants to be in a position to dictate what the government, parliament, people of his country can or can not do he/she should immediately apply for a job in the Turkish General Staff…

    Sorry for the he/she-thing. Like to be neutral in these things.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I am afraid lack of knowledge of Greek laws and history can drive to wrong results, preceptions and prejudices. Sale of land in boarder area and the island of the Aegean Sea require the approval of the Greek Military as it concerns sensitive areas of the Greek sovereignty. And see what! The same laws exist in Turkey, where a Dutch or British for example can buy a plot near the boarders to Greece on the coast, but hardly a Greek. I hardly believe something will change on these laws unless Greece and Turkey politically solve their issues.

      Maybe for someone grown and raised in a country with no territorial disputes with its neghbours, the whole thing is hard to understand. However jsut google ‘Imia’ and you may get an idea about what it means to have parts of your country’s sovereignty been questioned.

      • Like I said: “If they [the military] still have the power to block decissions taken by the legitimate government of this country then that is an abomination in a democracy.”

        In a democracy only courts and parliament can block decisions by the government. The military should never have a role like this. Because it has to be at all time the people who control the army. And when the people decide to sell anything and there is no law forbidding that, then there should be sold.

        And even when Greece would be in a blazing war with Turkey, god forbit, even then the ultimate decision has to lie with the elected government and never by the military. In the second world war the UK-parliament was in session and Churchill had full power over the military.

        To me, yes comming from a country with hardly any big border disputes with it’s neigbours nowadays, it is well known how the situation is between Turkey and Greece concerning the whole continental plain in the Aegean and the Mediteranian.

  2. As you can see now: That’s the real background of nationalist turkish and associated german newspapers speculating about a military-coup in Athens.
    As the whole story of Turkey’s tourism is just a stolen idea and a bad copy he could propably make more money with reactivating empty greek villages on the aegaen east-coast and fill’em up with some cloned “Greeks” as disneypark rangers. I mean if this idea would be made perfectly it would be a real bridge but Ataturk will hate it.
    The best will be he buys Smyrna and gives it back to Greece, haha.
    What will happen when the dynamite-fishers figure that the only place leftover with fish is Imia?

  3. Just reading about the Greek government potentially selling islands is sickening. I hope the military will be opposed to the plan no matter who they are supposed to be sold to– whether Turkey or Germany or any country or private company. I can’t believe they are considering doing this. Their ancestors fought so that all this land would be part of Greece. And here they are selling it to give money to bankers. Sad story.

  4. Knight of Amorgos

    I can tell you for one of the mentioned islands, socalled “Mikri Amorgos” that there is no water. Beside that the island has a totally different name these turks will find out soon and that already Amorgos has huge water-problems, what do they expect for their guests: Unemployed dynamite-fishers starting a new career as pirates entering turkish yachts?
    You should make an interview with people of Amorgos?
    To be honest this shit must be a hoax or this malaka is totally dull:
    A few of the islands (may be all?) you can find here and about this site was already a discussion a few months ago resulting in “these islands are not for sale” (Pasok). I thought this site or the ads are already dead…

  5. I hope Greece sell their Island(s) to the Turks to pay off their debt. This in compensation what the Greeks did to us in WW1. As long as Greece acts like this, if they dont work for their money, Turkey Greece relations(economic ties etc) will not improve which is more important to the Greeks than the Turks.