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Papandreou-Clinton: Talking About… Office Decoration! (video)

That was an aspect I admit I didn’t take into consideration when I was writing about Hillary Clinton’s visit in Athens and the agenda of the talks. Greece’s prime Minister George Papandreou and  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked about …decoration! Precicely the talked about the office decoration of Greece’s PM. Ms. Clinton made a dynamic entrance in Papandreou’s office on Sunday noon with a bright “Hiii!”. And there it happened! Her eyes were captured by a painting  on the wall of the prime ministerial office. ‘Wonderful’ she said and the Prime Minister answered: “Yes, it is by a Greek painter, it shows a Greek island; we thought to hang it there because the old decoration was too heavy!”  Smiling satisfied about the new decoration, Hillary Clinton praised George Papandreou: “Good Choice!”

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 Relieved from passing the unexpected decoration test, Papandreou and Clinton sat down then stood up again and spent some minutes sitting and standing up, showing some unexplained diplomatic perplexity.

Then the cameras and reporters  left the office, and Clinton spend some time alone with Papandreou. Later they had a working lunch together. They most likely talked about Meatballs with Ouzo and slightly whipped Yogurt in Tzatziki form. Ms. Clinton is currently meeting with the President of the Hellenic Republic and I am sure they talk about the benefits of Greek coffee.

I am sure we will get more details about the talks later on the day…

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton conveyed a message of support to Greece during her meeting with FM Stavros Lamprinidis. “We stand as friends and allies, I appreciate the decisiveness of Mr. Papandreou,” she said and stressed that the changes are on the right way and tey will bring results. “I have faith in the power of the Greek people,” she added.


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