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UPD: Antoine, the Abducted & Abused Dog is Doing Better

UPDATE: Antoine, the stray dog who was abducted and thrown over a bridge last October in Athens, is doing better. After three surgeries, the sling was removed from his smashed leg. As he got a metal blade inside his leg, he still needs to rest. He is been taking care of by wonderful people who provide him with all the necessary medical care. Until he is strong enough…

 Unbelievable coward! Antoine, one of the strays keeping company to ‘Indignant’ Greeks at Syntagma Square, was abducted and abused! In fact, he was thrown from a bridge near the port of Piraeus, almost 10 km away from downtown Athens! At down of Sept 24th 2011, patrolling police at Pireaus port , entrance E1, found the severely injured dog. They men informed the police which on their side informed animal welfare societies in Athens. While waiting for the aid, the patrolling policemen were trying to calm down the scared animal that was suffering from multiple injuries and internal bleeding.

The dog was immediately taken to a veterinarean who diagnosed: dislocation of back toes, fracture of front leg, internal bleeding due to spleen rapture, liver injury, bruises all over his body, injuries and bruises on the head, mouth, chin and jaw…

Antoine is in critical condition.

Antoine at Syntagma Sq

Animal welfare societies in Athens make an appeal to citizens who may have been witness the abduction of the dog from Syntagma Square, or have seen the car from where the dog was thrown from the bridge. Any information can be and lead to capture and the punishment of these cowards!

The Dog that had never created any problems was abducted by unknown assailants on Saturday night, Sept 24/2011. Antoinehe dog was thrown from the bridge near E1 entrance of Piraeus Port, most likely on Saturday night.

Please, call the mobile phones of Animal Welfare of Downtown Athens <6977 782719> and Panhellenic Association of Animal Lovers Argos <6944 202625>.  Please, share and cross-post!

The Animal Welfare Associations express their great thanks to the support of the police.

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  1. Sub-humans! Some thoughts with hot needles plus their finger nails and barbed wire plus family jewels came into my head. 🙁

  2. An attempt to demoralise the protesters, possibly. An EU style of aggression, even if not guilty.
    I adore dogs and hope he is back protesting one day!

  3. Scumbags. I would love to have an hour alone in a room with them.

    • Let’s keep it civilize shall we? Have a better idea: would put them in a room with my German Shepard (who happens to be a former stray) and let him have a thorough ‘talk’ with them!

      KTG, is there any update on the dog?

  4. Hello from Turkey. I’ve read that bad news about Antoine with pain and anger in my heart. I hope he’ll be back in the battle fields soon. He is a “yigit” activist.

  5. Good Morning/Afternoon,
    I cannot believe such cowards would do that! I hope that Antoine will be all right. If funding is an issue to properly care for the animal, is there a way that we can help?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      people who take care of Antoine said they will know if funding necessary once they get the vet’s bill. Thank you so much!

      • Since you’re an admin, you have my e-mail address; please notify me if need be. You will post updates out here as well, I presume.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes! He has recovered ftom most of his injuries. his one leg is in gyps and there might be a long lasting problem with a broken leg bone. But time will tell. He is taking good care of, and he is not alone on the streets for the time being.
      Thank you so much for asking 🙂

  6. Just came out here to check on Antoine.
    Note the new e-mail address. My previously mentioned offer still stands.
    Thanks for all that you’re doing 🙂