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Greece: General Strike, Oct 5/11

Greece is expected to stand still on Wednesday, October 5th 2011, as the private and public sector have called for a general 24-hour strike.  Public Services will be closed, state hospitals will work with emergency personnel only. Also lawyers will join the strike. Furthermore big disturbances are expected in the public transport, although some unions have not made definite announcements so far.

It is more likely that the Metro will operate for some hours to facilitate people to join the protests.

Trains and Proastiakos will be on 24h strike.

Seamen will join the strike as well as Air Traffic Controllers.

Employees at the public and public sector protest the ‘labour reserve’ that will send home at least 30,000 civil servants,  the wages and pension cuts, the tax hikes.

Another general strike is scheduled for October 19, 2011.

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  1. I think it is disgusting that the air traffic controllers will be going on strike. There will be a lot of people coming from all over Europe to have holidays all over Greece and their islands, bringing hard earned revenue into Greece.
    Do they think they are they only one’s who have had life changes because of the financial crisis?
    The rest of Europe are trying to help Greece out of their own crisis, this will only make it harder for Greece to argue in their own favour!!

    Wake up Greece you are only hurting yourselves!!!

  2. You need the money. The whole world knows you need the money. Why are you taking action that will prevent people from travelling to your country and spending money?

  3. Keep talking!!
    If the strikes continue they are running the risk that greece is not worth saving.
    Greece and their great people have to prove that they are willing to help themselves.

    Do the right thing, strikes do not help anybody!!

  4. You guys are idiots, the IMF are corrupt and Greece basically got sold to protect the rich banks that created this whole global economic debt mess. If there was any justice in the world these rich bankesters would be locked up and put in prison, instead they are allowd to run a mock, and destroy the lives of the Greek people and their children and generations to come.

    The Greek people have every right to protest against this corruption and all praise to them if they are able to overthrow their Government like Libya, Egypt and Tunisia did earlier this year. Anybody with a half a brain is able to work out Greece has accumulated so much debt it would be impossible for them to repay it even if they had an infinite amount of years to do so. The bailouts only serve one purpose, which is to delay the inevitability of a default and try to ransack as much money out of the pockets of the Greek people before this happens.

    Mark my words what is happening in Greece will eventually happen to every other country in Europe as the eurozone debt crisis worsens. NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP, BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!

    • If the Greek people paid their taxes like the rest of us have, maybe their situation would be better

      • keeptalkinggreece

        generalization is not solving any problem. I have been paying my taxes and get in return bad public services. Can you explain me why I have to come up for the debts? Unfortunately international main stream media play their game for reasons they know.

    • Us idots have a goernment that are making cutbacks that are making our lives very difficult.
      Us idiots have a goverment that are trying to help greece with financial help.
      We maybe idots. But us idiots are bringing hard earned cash into a country that needs it because we love to come to greece.
      You think that Greece are having it hard, you want to try living in England.

      • The global economy is crumbling, and it was bound to do so ever since President Nixon in 1971 decided to abandon the Gold Standard (Bretton Woods Agreement). On a historical perspective, what he did was unprecedented, over 800 years of sound economic principles were discarded and thrown out the window, so horrific that people remember it as the “Nixon Shock”. Now we live in a world where the entire economic foundation is backed by mere ‘faith’. The paper money you hold in your hand has no intrinsic value at all.

        Escalating debt was always going to be the dark trojan horse of leaving the gold standard, it just took 40 years for it to do so and catch up with us, like a tail wind coming up from behind you and knocking you off your feet. The problem is severe and irreversible. Governments do not want to admit this publically as it would create mass panic. The austerity measures and bailouts which are meant to calm and convince the public will eventually prove to be useless, not being able to stop the rise in debt and crippling economic growth at the same time. At this point the debt crisis is likely to progress into a currency crisis, as soaring debt levels push inflation rates beyond acceptable limits.

        This 40 year fiat paper money experiment is coming to an end.

        Best bet you can do is buy Gold & Silver to protect your wealth. Educate all your friends and family about doing the same as well.

  5. I planned last 2 months trip to Greece on October 5th and now this. Great start of vacation. Thanks a lot to those controllers. Greek people just used to get a lot of money for not doing anything and now they are in problem and making worst for all of us. They have been given the beautiful country, and they are ruining it. Just imagine how much money will be lost tomorrow when 200 and more flights are cancelled? Airport charges, handling charges… maybe cancelled vacations.. and for what? Do they really think they will change anything? Wake up guys, nothing depends on you!!! It`s going to be how they decide and you can do squat about it!

  6. Notice all these comments blaming the protests are tourists that don’t even live in Greece. My God. How could you comment on a country you don’t even live in?

    A good film for you to learn the truth is narrated by the gorgeous Matt Damon.

    It Won the 2010 Oscar Award for Best Documentary Feature. If an award winning oscar documentary isn’t enough to convince you, then go back to believing the lies that your mainstream media is telling you but try not to complain when you see your own country heading the fate of Greece.

  7. Shone viewpoint is a demonstration of the power of media influence.

  8. Zorbas Trollorist

    Looks like the tourist-companies make extra-money from the airport-fees they don’t have to pay for greek airports since two years, haha.
    Tourism is a bad way to solve problems. In five years when tourism destroyed the rest of the land all these costumers will make holidays in Lybia and Algeria.