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Roesler in Athens – Long Live the New German Colony

Philipp Roesler, German economics Minister in Athens with a eager to invest businessmen delegation. He came, saw and conquered the hearts of the Greeks. Millions of  moustached Zorbas from the social class of “new poor” raised their ouzo glasses to the ever-lasting health of Roesler. Thousands of mourning Helectras applauded Roesler proudly announcing “Our presence here is a message of confidence and optimism”.  Hundreds of innocent animals were sacrificed on the altar of prosperity and wealth bringing German investments. The enthusiastic folks seek now with heart-beating anticipation to be hired by the Germans investors and work for 1 euro per day. “Greeks should work longer” Roesler advised the jobless and those trying to make ends meet in a market environment with 16.7% unemployment – outlook: negative. Times of great changes are ahead.  Turning Greece into the China or India of the eurozone. Blame the Greek governments, blame Germany, blame Vietnam….? It’s all in the spirit of  EU solidarity: the masses saving the banks. It has not been known, whether the German delegation distributed glass pearls and light-reflecting mirrors to the cheering locals.

“German Economics Minister Philipp Roesler and Greek Development Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis said Friday they had signed a memorandum of understanding over a range of measures to assist Greece in implementing structural economic reforms.

“Our presence here is a message of confidence and optimism and we believe that the joint meeting between the two economies, Greece and Germany, will succeed,” said Philipp Roesler, at an event the Greek-German Business Forum in a resort close to Athens.

He also said that it is necessary “to do everything to ensure to keep all member states in the euro zone.”

He noted that there are three objectives: to fight bureaucracy, secure investments and ensure project financing.

Germany will provide assistance in reforming its bureaucracy in areas such as competition law and start-up support.

Roesler also highlighted the presence of KfW in Greece. The German government-owned development bank helped Germany redevelop after the Second World War.

Roesler, also Vice Chancellor, stressed that Greek government’s and M. Chrysohoidis’s efforts are very important to restore the Greek economy to growth.”

“We are determined to respond decisively to the crisis,” said Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis. “We want to rebuild our country and give our highly qualified young people a chance.” (source: capital.gr)


How was this stone-old saying? “Beware of Germans bringing presents” I think….

Video: Excited Greeks dance to the tunes of “You do everything for money – one day, you won’t know to whom you owe” and that was already in 1994!

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  1. Oh dear – our minister-trainee …

    KfW had on the day before the Lehman collapse yet paid € 300 million tax €. Previously, the bank has already saved € 7.9 billion, with taxpayers’ money … and THEY shall now help Greece? Haha, our baby-minister has humor …

    Reduce bureaucracy? So he could start at home. That would be a full time job and he would give no more time, another “good” advice …. incredible!

    Start-up … the German model? Congratulations! Then one must first make an application for application for an application to get the application you need, to get the application to do …. and after several years lost with application, you’re old enough for pension. Oh, okay – that you will not get. ‘ve never earned. Indeed had to put your application…. 😉

    Well, he’s just an eye specialist. Although not final ….

    Sorry, that our comedians are constantly with you … But please understand that we are happy when they’re gone. Then they can do nothing here 🙂

  2. “Redevelope after war”…
    In Greece 60 years after? Nobody asked him for reparations but it would be so nice to see this slimy face puking with the words of Westerwelle.
    The only thing that will happen: Sell german wind-mills and destroy the last islands and woods….
    for electric-cars and air-condition in germany.