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Thriller with Rumors on EUROGENDFOR Hit-men in Greece

There is a real thriller with rumors and claims about a group of Eurogendfor hit-men who apparently arrived in Western Greece recently and the load of publications on Greek internet forced the government to take position on the issue, not confirming neither denying the news. Eurogendfor, the Euro Gendarmerie Force, also known as Euro-Gendarma is a police  force specialized in combating riots. The ‘rumour’ is allegedly based on eye-witnesses

“who saw a brigade of Eurogendfor men arriving at the port of Igoumenitsa. All men looked alike, bully and with shaved heads and were of German and Dutch origin. They were dressed in civilian cloths and  carrying bags with the initials EGF. The men were transported with several trucks and camouflaged armored vehicles to Larissa in Central Greece and were settled  to a Greek Air Force base that was recently closed down.” (

The ‘news’ landed in Greece in a climate of  protests and strikes by several interest groups, the excessive use of force during protests in Athens, the upcoming demonstrations on October 15, 19 and 20 and a government that seems unable to take control of the situation unless it uses violence.

  EGF in Italy

Even Greek military news portals with contacts to good sources could not confirm the EGF arrival.  On Friday Greek Police and the Ministry of Citizen’s Protection issued a statement saying “There is no EGF unit in Greece”. A statement that was received with the usual portion of mistrust towards official statements, though.

According to Greek military news portal defencenet,the group arrived on October 8th, 2011 and also ” left from Igoumenitsa”(so eye-witness) after a short staying in Greece.

Another sources was telling KTG, that a, EGF unit most likely used Greece while proceeding to Kosovo.

However fact is A) Greece has no Gendarmerie Force and B) EGF can deploy up to 800 men and needs one month in advance.

From time to time there have been rumors claiming that even the riot policemen making excessive use of force against protesters and firing tons of tear gas, were not Greeks. I guess, these rumours are based on Greeks’ stunning how can low-paid Greeks (riot policemen) beat so hard their fellow Greeks (protesters).

PS I hope, protesters won’t have to speak German and Dutch to riot policemen at the next protest. However as another ‘baseless’ internet rumor claims that 6,000 policemen arrived to Greece from Italy I started to refresh the few words I know “Ciao, bello”, “Quanta costa?” and “Arrivederci”….

UPDATE:   Meanwhile the ‘mystery’ about “eurogendfor” has been solved! Please, read “Eurogendfor” Hit-Men Took Off Their Riot-Helmets !

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  1. This need not be the EGF. Actually exists?

    But the fact is that foreign police officers are “on loan”. Was here in Germany at the Castor transport in 2010. As French police clubbed German demonstrators down …

  2. Those in north italy based troops (up to 3000) are from France, Belgium, Lowlands, etc. and not from Germany. In the german version one can see that also Turkey is involved a bit:
    Try to get Manolis Glezos for an interview or ask “Spartakos-network” (soldiers). They both revealed this plot already in 2009/10. Mr. Glezos in a radio-show with a police-boss asking Mr. Glezos how he would like it to get beaten up on the streets of Athens by foreign police…The talkshow was aired when he left the hospital after he was brutally hit by a fat teargas-stream…

  3. Hey, at least it’s refreshing to know it’s not a conspiracy theory claiming they were CIA, or US Mitary people this time. One thing good about (only thing I guess) the crisis in the USA, is that people realize the USA may not have money to spend on stuff like this anymore.

  4. No wonder when your own ordinary soldiers don’t like to roll their tanks through Athens and shoot their fellow citizens…

    “…In December 2008, during the uprising of the youth and the working people in Greece that followed the murder of a young high-school student by policemen, and while the government was planning to order the army to suppress the uprising, there was a huge reaction within the army. Diktyo Spartakos gathered hundreds of conscripts’ signatures from 52 military units that declared their opposition to this plan. Besides declaring their opposition, these conscripts carried out small info-actions inside their camps. All these actions convinced the political and military leadership that there is no way that they could make the conscripts to stand against the uprising people….”