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Oct 20: Athens Protests, Unrests, Clashes – Live Blogging in English-News, Pcts, Videos

Thousands and more thousands Greeks gathered for second consequent day outside the Parliament for a sound anti-austerity protest. Inside the Parliament government ministers try their best to convince ruling party PASOK deputies to vote for the multi-bill, the grave stone over citizens’ economic situation and labour rights. 

Members of PAME, the union of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) rushed as early as 9 o’clock in the morning and took position next to the parliament barriers. They formed a human chain in order to prevent crowds to near the building and ‘force’ riot police to intervene with the usual means: tear gas and violence.

 Video: A sea of protesters

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Public and private sector unions, young and old, are outside the parliament and chant slogans hoping that the multi-bill won’t be voted. Current estimations speak of more than 70,000 people and their number is increasing.

ΩΡΑ 12:47 Οδός Φιλελλήνων

Banner: No To Impoverishment! Government & Troika to Go Now!

Protesters are devoted to stay outside the parliament until the bill voting is over.

Public sector union ADEDY announced to continue ‘occupations’ of the state buildings, should the bill pass.

Within the plenary hall of the parliament, government ministers and ruling party PASOK officials deliver ‘dramatic pseeches’ for the necessity of the multi-bill. Historic PASOK official Vaso Papandreou said she will vote for the last time and that “The society is desperate and the country collapses”.

Until now, only former minister Louka Katseli insists on not voting for the bill. For the delicate parliament seats balances, see also KTG-article: The Mother of All Greek Battles.

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The protest outside the parliament remains peaceful. There is a powerful guarding by political parties, students and unions to avoid riots. Protesters have said to remain until the voting is over.

All streets in the area are closed to traffic. Strong police forces have taken position.

Πολίτες κάθε ηλικίας στο Σύνταγμα - ΦΩΤΟ EUROKINISSI

Pensioners ready for a possible tear gas attack

inside the Parliament there is a heated debatte taking place.

Far-right party LAOS said they would vote for the bill, should the government resign on Monday.

Greek Communist Party (KKE) said that they have not seen such blackmails even during the time of the German occupation (II World War).

The voting by article will start at 8 pm, local time. The day and the night seem to be very long…


There seem to be a ‘civil war’ among the Troika concerning the 6th aid tranche. Greece’s lenders representative write on their progress report that Greece’s structural reforms are not sufficient and that the country missed its targets. AP reports form the ECB that the Greek debt is not sustainable should the July 21st agreements apply.

 Disagreement between the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund over whether Greece’s debt load is sustainable has delayed the release of a report by the country’s “troika” of international lenders that would clear the way for the release of Greece’s next aid payment of 8 billion euros ($11.01 billion), Dow Jones Newswires reported Thursday. The European Union, IMF and European Central Bank had been expected to release the report on Wednesday. The report, citing persons familiar with the matter, said the IMF has doubts about Greek debt sustainability and would prefer to release the aid tranche after creditors agree on a second bailout package that includes bigger writedowns for private bond holders. Talks are under way to resolve the disagreement, the report said. Greece needs the aid tranche by mid-November to avoid default, officials say. (source: MarketWatch )

That’s why we say, get rid of the Troika. What’s the purpose of drain the Greek households if no solution is possible? 


A group of people wearing hoods tried to enter the crowds protesting outside the parliament. They were successfully pushed back, without riot police intervention with tear gas.

Young Protester in Patras


There is some tension among protesters near the Hotel Grand Bretagne. Skai TV reports the tension is between some 200 ‘hooded’ protesters and member sof the Communist Party that keeps guarding the protest.

Stones were hurled by unclear by whom.

Appeals to protesters not to leave!

Police fires tear gas.

Riot police has taken position at the stairs leading to Parliament.


Hooded protesters hurled molotov cocktails against Comm Party union PAME that has built a human chain.  Riot police is being strenghtened with additional squads.

Efforts to ease the tension.


Rain of molotov against PAME – PAME throws stones.


All groups at stand by position outside the Parliament


A group of 50 hoods wearing youth beated a motocyclist and set his motorcycled on fire, near Monastiraki. Police have detained four.

Apparently a group of 200 young ones wearing helmets and black cloths and armed with clubs and sticks took off from the metro at Monastiraki station and walked towards Syntagma Sq. A Greek blog reports that shops owners immediately started to close their shops.


Clashes infront of the parliament. PAME members chase Hoodies, they throw stones.   

One man with heavy head injuries taken to hospital. Apparently he fell from … some height. Not clear.


Situation out of control! Riot police on stand by.

Video: Clashes
Πετροπόλεμος στο Σύνταγμα 2 by News247

Incredible! Not clear who is beating whom. Are we at the brink of a ‘undeclared’ civil war?
Video: Clashes


Many protesters injured by hurled stones.


Σκηνικό βίας σε όλα τα στενά by News247

off topic: strong rumours Libyan Muammar Gaddafi is dead after injuries. Allies confirmation still due.

15:40 Clashes among protesters contintue in front of the Parliament.

Situation under control. Protesters gathered again in front of the Palriament.

Reports of many injuries.

Tension still there. helmets, hoods, sticks, stones, injured protesters…
A senior got heavy head injuries…
Some 6-7 injured taken to hospital

Doctors and the Health Ministry dismiss earlier rumours saying “unconfirmed reports say one protester clinically dead at Evaggelismos hospital”. They say, the injured in critical condition. { I wonder if it is th eman who fell earlier from a big height under unclear circumstances}

Some protesters hurled bottles of water against the riot police.


Still tension at Syntagma.

Communist Party Chairwoman Aleka Paparige exited the Parliament and spoke to protesters.

Video: Protesters “catch” a hoodie

16:20 Situation seems calm right now. Peaceful crowds outside the parliament

Video: earlier Communists and ‘anarchists’ clashes

16:32 until I type “situation is calm” riots and clashes errupt again ….

Giving First Aid to Injured man


After a short period of calmness, a group tried to divide the mass protests again. Riot police entered Syntagma Sq in order to prevent rioters, the rioters hurled stones against the police who fired tear gas…. and here we go again…

Excessive use of tear gas, protesters have respiratory problems

17:43 One protester died in the hospital. The 53-year old man was construction worker. Unclear whether due to head injury by hurled stoned or heart attack.

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  1. Can’t believe the same thing is being done again!

  2. Unbelievable scenes! Looks like thugs attacking the protesters in EGYPTIAN revolution! Why don’t the riot police stop the hoodies??? OUTRAGEOUS!

  3. @15.20 Totally crazy images. Large groups of youth chasing each other and beating the living daylight out of each other…

  4. think people. pame is a stalinist, authority loving organization… it’S just right to attack them.
    @william walker: shut up and think! the thugs are the stalinist pame members. not the “hooded” demonstrators! those are against authority as pame wants it.

    against stalinists!
    fight for communism!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      @weck BEHAVE!

    • Ah yes, so those who fight against authority are the little hooded provocateurs that throw their tiny pebbles and then run away like the little cowards they are when the police launch 1000 canisters of tear gas at the public, right? The REAL rebels are the little bastards who come out to assist the police EVERY time the public comes out to challenge the authority of the state.

      Thank god that someone decided to stand up against them and try to prevent the little undercover police collaborators from providing the necessary excuse for the police to viciously attack the innocent public.

      I assume from your comments that you are 1. American 2. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY IGNORANT of Greek politics, economics and current events.

      Try reading this blog for a couple of days and maybe you will be able to learn enough to have some vague idea of what is going on, for example, who are paid provocateurs that work directly for the state and who are the real protesters.

      There is more to reality that your ability to read the word “Communist” and decide that whatever the situation is they must be the bad guys and they should be beaten to death with metal bars and stones and set on fire with molotov cocktails just because they are trying to protect 100,000 members of the public from trying to bring down their corrupt government. The PAME security who volunteered to protect the people of Greece from the undercover police hoodies may be communists but the black-shirted thugs that are trying to KILL the members of the public for protesting are the closest thing to real fascists in the entire equation.

  5. Horrible stuff. Can’t the Greek Military be deployed to assist the police and get some order?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      the miliraty???? OMG. and yes, some of us still remember very well the military dictatorship…

  6. Who are those ‘hoodies’?

  7. KTG, in many countries the military is called to quash violent protests. What else can Greek society do? Just allow the rioters to take over the country? There has to be some law and order or Greece will turn into a civil war. Unfotuantely, I think the military will have to be called to help as the Greek police are outnumbered by these violent hoodies.

    • if the army come sin chances are that the rioters will outnumber the army as well, as you will get everyone over the age of 40 who was alive during the late 60s early 70s on the street,we have respect for the armed forces in greece but at the same time we try not to let them out the house officially to often. all male greeks do naitonal service so you are basically asking for conscripted soldiers to start chasing their family around the city for nothing more than peacefully protesting, the hooded ones ar eonly 200-300 strong and the police has NEVER made an effort to stop them. This is not new this has been going on for 30 years, so believe me when i say that if the police and the state wanted the hoodies to stop they would have done so. but it serves their purpose as it is the quickest way to clear a peaceful demostration and ensure that everyone stays at home for fear they will be beaten by the police or burned by hoodies. Do not compare the police and state in whatever country you are from to one in Greece.

  8. Tourists can Keep on calling for military. If a Junta would happen in Greece it won’t be a Junta of the Colonels. It will be soldiers and one of the things will be to take over the turkish navy base in albany.
    invade smyrna before the osmans come into trakia

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • as i mentioned above since most of the armed foces is comprised of young men who are conscripted to do national service for 12-14 months and who also grew up listening to their parents and grandparents tslking about the 67-74 junta, i am inclined to think that hsould the armed forced go for a coup or if the state invited them to supress demostrator most of the ordinary soldiers will simply refuse, as they will be in essence supress what they will be in a few months time, or members of their family community friends, etc. We have a weird relationship with the armed forces, we trust them with our safety and borders and allow our young to be conscripted and trained and are proud that they are part of the defence of the nation at the same time we realise that they need to be controlled. On the other hand almost no greek has any love for the police. especcially the riot squad.

  9. I have my own criticisms of the people you call “hoodies” but even you have to admit that no amount of marching and rallying has had any effect in slowing the austerity.

    • i agree with you domino but is it better to sit at home and just let things happen? without even a semblance of protest or dissent? the austerity is needed any Greek with enough brain cells to walk knows this. However there is such a thing as taking the piss. You cant only demand austerity from one group of people and let others get away because they are well connected. Im betting you that if the goverment had taken steps to clean its house first in the beggining that most of society would be behind them supporting them and they would grumble about the austerity but accept it ad a necessary evil for the future of their young. however due to the methods used by the goverment in covering their own scandals and protecting their client voters they have turned even mild mannered quiet working people against them. I dont believe we can come out of this without austerity and deep cuts in our social life, but i would be willing to accept them if i knoew they happened at every level for the better of all. I dont want the country to default and old people to lose their pensions completely worker rights to be completely taken back to 1234ad due to unemployment and the rest but at the same time i cant accept the way the goverment is going about making the changes. dividing society into camps, fighting amongst themselves. they keep saying that the demonstrators show no respect for parliament, ive watched the parliament sessions enough times this year and can safely say that the first people who disrespect the rules and spirit of parliament are its own members.

      • No, I mean, there are other options than just “protest” and “stay home”. Such as taking over schools, factories, ports etc and redirecting the national product to the general population. Build a new economy that provides for the people and tell the government and foreign banks to go to hell.

        • that comes with its own sacrifices like rationing more unemployment and violent balancing of the budget. the way the goverment has acted means that there are now fewer options and none of them good. Plus what you are saying requires organisation at a basic level of society and some people in authority in that organisation, these people will be faced with distrust by greeks who will always ask what is their motivation. we are very cynical people who dont trust authority, and this crisis diesnt help with our trust issues. its a mess anyway you look at it. we need change but it has to happen in some greek form. dont know how but i do know that german french english or eu solutions wont work. they havent worked in the past i cant see them working now.

          • I disagree that authority at that basic level is required. Look at the American Occupy movement, especially Occupy Wall Street’s encampment, which is organized totally horizontally, for example.