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Greece Desperately Seeks a Prime Minister LOL

“If you recieve a phone call from telephone number 210-00000000-1-2-3, do not answer! I repeat, DO NOT answer the call!  Should you accidentally pick up the phone, do not answer with “Yes…(?)”.  Maximos Mansion (Greek PM’s Office) has assigned people to call around ransom telephone numbers. This first oblivious man or woman who will answer the phone will automatically become Prime Minister of Greece. Please, cross post! Protect the people! It can save lives!”

It makes the rounds in Greek social media lol – from


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  1. So “Nai” is out. “Orist'” is save???

  2. If it wasn’t so tragic I’d be rolling over in laughter. Every Greek I’ve met lives in denial. I hope the army isn’t lying in wait ready to take over a country tha effectively has no government.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      the army? where do you live, my I ask?

      • it seems a popular opinion outside of greece that the army will do a coup. but there is a way if a coup happens to defeng against it. all soldiers have yayas. we will employ the yayas to tell them to go back to their baracks and be good boys, and to eat all their greens.

  3. Are you folks crazy calling only Greek phone numbers?
    I’ve told you some thousand times i won’t accept any Greek minister. The only Greeks i accept must have a German passport and must have been in the management of Siemens. And they must get assured immunity. And then you can provide the red carpet for i visit your country and islands.

  4. LOL!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh – although I’ve been laughing all week long, as we say nevriko gelio 😉

    Thanks for keeping us all informed through all of this… hope to meet you at Syntagma when we all come out of our shock and maybe react