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Explosive Device at Greek Embassy in Paris

A self-made explosive device was found at the Greek embassy in Paris. Embassy staff was evacuated and Frnehc police defused the decive. Greek media report that “according to information, the responsibility was claimed by an Italian organisation”.

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  1. Why ever would someone try and blow up Greeks? They are not responsible for the economic crisis, is it coming to the point where different nationalites are going to turn on each other looking for someone to blame, if so they’re turning on the wrong people, the unelected EU bureaucrats and their one size fits all euro has to take responsibility for what’s happened, if countries had their own currency they could work their way out of trouble, Iceland being a prime example. But now the EU are replacing elected leaders with Goldman Sachs/bankers placemen technocrats. But for the life of me I can’t see why Italians would want to harm Greeks, strange.

    • I think the motive is not so much economic but political. there were some incidents last year. I should check for the links.