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Greek PM Orders Investigation on Resigned Prosecutors’ Allegations

The news fell like a bomb and triggered a turmoil among the finance and justice ministry. Two prosecutors on top of the leading the judicial task force to combat tax evasion submitted their resignations out of the blue on Wednesday afternoon in Athens, claiming lack of infrastructure and economic interests that prohibit them from executing their duties.  “We do not accept prosecutors under prohibition and prosecutors under dictation” Spyros Mouzakitis and Grigoris Peponis wrote in a common letter of resignation. They complained about the lack of infrastructure for the performance of their duties. The two prosecutors implied also that it is certain economic interests that did not allow them to perform their duties.

“We do not accept to be used as alibi for several economic interests that are active in the growing grey zone of economic crimes.”

The two prosecutors were dealing with big scale economic scandals  -or more policitally correct said: financial crimes. In their letter, they didn’t clearly speak of ‘political interference’ in their work, but every child in Greece knows that no economic heavyweight can move and interfere without a political protection…

Prime Minister Papademos ordered an urgend investigation on the two peosecutors’ allegations, and the Supreme Court is taking up the issue. 

Mouzakitis and Peponis are willing to “give names” once they are asked to do so, Greek media report.  

The prosecutors are maybe willing to give names but the question is if some people do want to hear them. for sure Greek citizens will be all ears about it so that they can confirm that nothing change in this country… Needless to mention that hardly somebody believes the knife will reach the bones, as in many cases before.

If one thing is good about the Greek crisis is that it reveals corruption in under every stone you lift.

 PS Deputy Minister for Agriculture Asterios Rondoulis (far-right LAOS) admitted that he intervened to prohibit the merger of two tax offices in Larisa area in central Greece.

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