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Students Protest Education Minister Holding Black Crosses

Holding Black Crosses Greeks students chose an original way to protest Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou. Holding the wooden crosses the students had gathered outside the Byzantine Museum in Athens and chanted slogans against the government and the Troika. Diamantopoulou who visited the exhibition “Holy Mountain” got by surprise but strengthened by the treasuries of the Mount Athos holiness told reporters:

“We are here today together with female teachers to be guided through the exhibition and and admire the great treasures of Mount Athos. In a time of deep crisis, we all draw confidence from the roots and our treasures. One such treasure is the Holy Athos that always provides inspiration, as shown in the exhibition”.

the Greek Education Minister had triggered a wave of reactions due to initiated reforms in the universities, and leaving primary and secondary school children without textbooks. In some schools kids still use photocopies instead of books as of January 3rd, 2012. Diamantopoulou has promised alst October that all children will have books before Christmas. Most likely she had Xmas 2013 in mind…


PS Women are not allowed to visit Mount Athos, as the Monks’ Republic is dedicated to Virgin Mary.


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