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Greece’s President Papoulias Has Waived His Salary

The President of the Greek Republic Karolos Papoulias will stop receiving compensation for the performance of his duties. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos announced this important decision after a meeting with Papoulias on Wednesday morning.

“The President asked me to initiate procedures to make this happen” Venizelos told reporters.

Newspaper Ethnos had reported that the annual income of the President of the Republic is  85,000 euro. The Prime Minister earns 110,000 euro per year. I assume these earnings are gross.

However economic newspaper wrote that the annual cost of the President is 355,000 euro including the expenses.

Greek media hailed this decision and described it as an act of solidarity by the first citizen of the country. Solidarity with the citizens that have suffered huge income decreases.

Greek internet users comment “better later than never” and request the 300 members of the Parliament to do so as well. The average monthly wage of an MP is 3,500-4,000 euro after the recent cuts. However the MPs allowances for offices, secretarial support, cars, telephones etc are not included in these amounts.

KTG has repeatedly proposed that MPs should offer their services for saving the country pro bono (without compensation for the public good).

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  1. What a hero!!!! Might have been better to keep it and stand up for the Greek people instead!

  2. Bravo Kyrie! KTG, miracles may happen and MP’s may follow suit…. we can only hope…

    • I am sure that now pressure on MPs to do something more or less similar will amount. Greek Communist Party, asked MPs to waive their pensions and bonuses/benefits. The Pandora’s box opened.