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PM Tsipras explains how to finance salaries of 10K priest and 10K civil servants

The announcement that 10,000 new civil servants will be hired after 10,000 priest will be removed from the state payroll has created a lot of confusion. How will Tsipras will finance the wages for so many civil servants if the state will keep subsidizing the priests wages? In an interview …

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Austerity cuts: Tsipras to return €820mn to special categories of civil servants

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that certain groups of civil servants will receive retroactive a total of €820 million net for wage cuts during the economic crisis and the bailout agreements. The total amount is €1.4 billion gross including taxes, social security and pension contributions. The money will be paid …

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“Minimum wage hikes within 2018,” says gov’t spokesman

Greece’s government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said that the coalition government plans wage hikes as part of a series of measures to counter the impact of austerity after Greece exits its third bailout in August. He appeared confident that the minimum wage will increase within 2018. “Preparations for the day after …

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Labor Institute INE draws a grim picture of real Greek economy, sets unemployment much higher

The report of Labor Institute of the private sector union GSEE (INE) draws a grim picture of the Greek economy – despite the government narrative about the positive outlook. “The Greek economy is looking for an upward venture,” said one of the INE directors who presented the report. However, “evidence …

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ELSTAT: Greece’s GDP shrunk by 26% since 2010, public debt surged

Greece’s GDP shrunk by 61.6 billion euros (26 percent) since 2010, the time span when three bailout memorandums with institutional creditors were signed and implemented, figures showed this week. Additionally, general government revenues decreased by five billion euros, with public sector wages, pensions and welfare benefits cut by 19.13 billion …

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Only Greece worse off than Britain, say UK’s unions

Only Greece has suffered more from austerity that Britain, trade unions charged yesterday as rising inflation and stagnant wages threaten another sharp fall in living standards. Inflation at 2.3 per cent is higher than wage growth of 2.2 per cent — meaning that people’s pay is worth less in real …

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