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Wanna Vote for New PASOK Leader? All You Need is Your ID and 2 Euro

The elections for the new leader of socialist PASOK will take place on March 18, 2012. All you need to cast your vote is your ID card if you are  Greek, your passport if you are national of one of  European Union member states. Also migrants with residence permit, will be allowed to vote. All voters will have to pay a fee of 2 euro. Until now, only former Minister of Citizens’ Protection Christos Papoutsis has formally submitted his candidacy. His main opponent is expected to be Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who is allegedly expecting the PSI to conclude before he resigns from this ministerial post. It is not known whether there will be more candidates.

It looks as if the Papandreou era in the socialist PASOK is over….Former PM George Papandreou was forced to resign last November as prime minister by PASOK parliamentary group over his referendum proposal. It was a matter of time, that he would be replaced from the party leadership as well.

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  1. Sounds good. People could make a difference with their vote! Except – either Papoutsis or Venezelos, what kind of a choice is THAT? Scylla or Charybdis? I would vote for “or”!