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What Does Loukanikos Have to Do With Arsonists in Germany?

That’s a fame Greece’s most famous riot dog Loukanikos would certainly not want. A group calling itself  “Friends of Loukanikos” claimed responsibility for the arson attack against the car of the wife of Horst Reichenbach, the head of European Union Task Force for Greece. However the car of Dagmar Roth-Behrendt, a member of the European Parliament, was parked outside the pair’s home in Potsdam suburb of Berlin, Germany.

As German media report, the arson attack took place last Sunday and tha unknown perpetrators not only torched the BMW but they also threw red paint at the Reichenbach property.

On Tuesday, the ‘left-wing extremists’  claimed responsibility for the attack apparently as a respond to EU austerity measures, which have caused an “extreme worsening” of conditions for Greeks and they threatened the Troika of attacks.

The “Friends of Loukanikos” also threaten the so-called troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to the Berliner Morgenpost. Police did not verify whether the letter was authentic.

Police reportedly suspect that the attack may have been carried out by members of Berlin’s anarchist scene, but a prosecutor declined to provide further details to daily Bild. “We are just at the beginning of the investigation,” he said. (German media/Spiegel)

According to DER SPIEGEL, “As head of the European Union task force that is helping Athens implement tough structural reforms,  Horst Reichenbach is an unpopular man in Greece.”

Further, the German weekly claims that “Loukanikos is a scrappy stray dog famous for taking part in Athens protests in recent years. He and a handful of other riot dogs like him have become symbols of the Greek protests, gaining fans worldwide.

I can assure you that Loukanikos has no connection whatsoever with those claiming to be his friends. Further, that the dog who made it to TIME Magazine cover as Person of the Year 2011  is anything but scrappy. In fact he is a fairy tale prince who came to earth with tail.

And had Loukanikos hated Reichenbach, he would have done everything a dog who respects himself and is aware of his reputation would do: in worst case, he would pee on EU task force foot during one of  Reichenbach’s multiple visits to Athens.

PS I wonder, if Loukanikos would file an official complaint against those claiming to be his friends and attack exploiting his name….ARF!

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  1. André from Brazil

    Loukanikos is cute. Alexis Tsipras is hot. Greece is definitely unbeatable!

  2. Loukanikos' mom

    Is Loukanikos still around and alive? Long time we can’t see him in Syntagma.
    I think he was kidnapped.

  3. The tenor and tone of your article proves that you are one of the SHEEP who is still brainwashed by the very system that Loukanikos was and would be still protesting.

    Good job.

    Why don’t you go get another glass of Koolaid?

  4. Loukanikos is a cutie-pie and I hope he is being well-cared for (all my animals have been abused and/or strays.) That being said, he shouldn’t be held responsible for the bombing in Potsdam just because that group adopted his name.

    Should the Masters of the Universe decide he’s an Enemy of the State, I would be happy to sponsor him/get him asylum in the US. The 99% here are quickly losing ground and we could use a mascot like him. With two presidential candidates competing to see who gets the legal right to scr*w us to the wall even more we’ll be in the same boat as the Greeks very shortly. American asylum is one of the few things that still retains its value…at least until our government privatizes it or figures out how to sell it for a profit (Goldman Sachs is no doubt working on it.)