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Loukanikos Made it in TIME’s “Person of the Year 2011”

The Protesters of Arab Spring and of Occupy Movements around the globe were chosen by US Magazine TIME as the “Person of the Year 2011”. Protesters from Tunisia to Spain and from Chile to Russia are featured in this special TIME issue because “in 2011, protesters didn’t just voice their complaints; they changed the world” as editors explain.

“The 2011 Person of the Year issue is the product of a year’s worth of reporting and thinking. From the beginning of the Arab Spring, we dedicated an abundance of resources to this world-historical story. We also watched as the germ of protest spread to Europe and then America and now Russia. … traced  this spirit of revolution to its roots and wrote down …the links and the larger meaning among the protests in dozens of countries.” (TIME)

Among those portesters who give their soul to fight for more freedom, justice and democracy, a special page is dedicated to Greece’s famous riot dog Loukanikos.

Loukanikos’ Portrait photographed for TIME by Peter Hapak, November 15, 2011.

TIME featured as “Protest Dog – The stray dog who joined the lines of rioters in the Greek capital has become an international celebrity”

In a wonderful photo gallery, ten pictures show Loukanikos in action. Dealing with riot police, molotov cocktail bombs and tear gas…
See Loukanikos in TIME here

Who is Loukanikos?

Waiting for action…

Loukanikos is one of the many stray dogs in Athens. He is somewhere between 6 and 7 years old, and he won’t miss a protest, no matter what! The protests- and riots-addicted canine is immune to tear gas. Occasionally he got a kick by a policeman but so far he has managed to come through.

He is fed and taken care of by Athens animal lovers. He loves to wander around and check if everything is under control. Even when he watches riots on TV, he gets upset and starts barking.
He has an always growing number of fans around the globe.
See some of our KTG reports about Loukanikos : Loukanikos gets “Indignant”,  , Meet Loukanikos and What’s in the mind of riot dog?
PS Last June Loukanikos had also made it to BBC !

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