Thursday , March 23 2023
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  1. KTG, do you think the Football result will have any effect on the way Greeks vote?

  2. Here’s a question : certainly in the UK and other countries sporting success can affect national mood and politics

    Will Greece’s victory last night affect the poll?
    Will Karagounis’ goal be worth another couple of % for any particular party?

    • The victory against all odds might persuade people to jump into the unknown, a.i. SYRYZA.
      But the denied penalty had potentially far more impact had Greece not won. Apart from the question if it was a penalty or not: Karagounis antics were worth a huge Oscar. Great dramatic expressions. Wonderful “Panagia mou”s! It made great impact on the Greek soul. But his most powerful sign was grabbing the Greek flag on his chest and pointing it at the officials with great accusation. For me he was clearly stating: “You denied us our right because we are Greeks! Again!”
      That message, had Greece lost, would have resulted in a big wave of “scr**-you-all” and a lot of exit-out-of-the-euro voters. Don’t forget that it was a Nordic referee. And the opponent was Russia, who is seen by many ND-supporters and leaders as Greece’s closest friends and possible saviors. The feeling of betrayal would have been massive. Maybe resulting in the same jump for ND-voters towards a euro-exit party.
      “Sport brings people together” they say. And that’s why every dictator is using it.

  3. Does the fact that there is a player called Samaras will ensure the ND victory ?
    We will know soon 😉


    • Imho the horrible flipflopper Samaras is rather a burden than a poster boy for his party. If the outcome of the election depends on him, then goodbye, ND.

  4. Think that if it does have an affect it will be in Syriza’s favour

    “have no fear stand strong Greece can beat the lot of them”

    the “hoplite army” in the greek fans were replaying Leonindas and the Spartans against the mass of Persia!

    Though perhaps a calm head might say “yes Leonidas won but in winning all him and his men were lost”

    • But through their last stand and sacrifice they changed the course of history totally. It was the beginning of the end to the Persian empire.
      Alas, there ends the analogy. Most Greeks are no Spartans or Laconians. For one, they talk way to much. 🙂