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Jobless Man, 42, Commits Suicide – 350 Incidents in June 2012

The relatives of the 42-year-old man were shocked to find him on Monday morning hanging in his home in Amaliada town of Peloponnese. The man was jobless since quite some time and was father of two children.

This tragedy is one of the many that hit families in times of economic crisis and recession. According to statistics more than 2,000 people have committed suicide in the two years Greece sought international financial aid.

At the same time the workers union of public ambulance service EKAV ring the alarm bell recording a sharp increase in suicides in Athens and the broader Attica prefecture.

According to Yiannis Xousos, president of EKAV workers’ union, 350 ambulance calls in relation with suicides were recorded alone in the month of June 2012. Fifty of these cases ended in death.

Xousos expressed strong concern as six calls in relations with suicide were made in the first eight days of July. Five of these cases ended deadly.

However Xousos noted that the majority of suicides referred to people with psychological problems.

PS psychological and economical problems:  a deadly mixture, I would say.

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