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Art Meet Finance: Nana Mouskouri and Wolfgang Schaeuble in Berlin

What took German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble among the artists? Absolutely, absolutely nothing! Renowned Greek singer Nana Mouskouri met German Finance Minister Wolfgang  Schaeuble. In Berlin. During the so-called “Open Door Day” of the German Public Administration, where citizens visit the public services and meet and talk with ministers.

Nana Mouskouri did not sing for Schaeuble her famous song “Weisse Rosen aus Athens, sagen Dir Auf Wiedersehen!” (White roses from Athens tell you Goodbye), once one of the greatest hits in Germany. Instead Mouskouri asked Schaeuble to show understanding for the problems of Greece.

Video: White Roses from Athens

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Daily BILD reported hat Mouskouri and Schaeuble did not speak about music but about Europe and Greece.

“We are a proud country. Who has never made any mistakes? Greece has already overcome many problems …. If we cannot dream, we cannot hope,” the sensitive artist told fiscal-discipline addicted Schaeuble.

The answer of German FinMin was as sober as expected: ” We should not stop dreaming. But in the meantime, we must keep working.”

We herewith assert Wolfgang Schaeuble total lack of imagination and creativity 🙂

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