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Greece Estimates German WWII Reparations at 7.5 Billion Euro

Greek Finance Ministry tries to estimate the amount Germany should pay to Greece as reparations for damages, atrocities and enforced loans during the World War II, alternate Finance Minister Christos Staikouras briefed the Parliament. According to estimations of the team in charge of the case, the amount for reparations reaches almost 7.5 billion euro.  “As country we keep the right and the possibilities for the management and the satisfactory results of the case,” Staikouras told the MPs.

Odd enough, private organization Greek National Council for Asserting Debts of Germany to Greece had estimated the amount Germany should compensate Greeks would be between 70 and 110 billion euro! And that was less than two year ago.

But maybe Samaras government is trying to offer Germany an addictive discount as Greece’s debt progress,  financial situation and Euro Zone future depends much too much on Berlin.

Whether seven and a half, seventy or hundred-ten billion euro, the team in charge and the experts will have to go through 17 historical but very dusty files at stapled at the Treasury. Each  file has 2,800 pages.

Until they’re through, Greece may have overcome the economic crisis or be so damned down that even the highest amount of reparations – Germany is actually not willing to pay – won’t be able to help.

Odd enough, every time before austerity measures are announced the issue of WWII reparations come into front light. Just like the tax dodgers who brought their money to Swiss banks.

BTW: Greek FinMin Stournaras meets German FinMin Schaeuble, tomorrow Tuesday in Berlin. Does anyone believe The Greek will return home with coffers full of money?

PS As my granny used to say “I was young and grew old”.

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