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Greek State Cuts Poverty-Pension to Over-aged Woman Because She Owns a Home

Greek state is broke and in need of every penny and cent it can get. Therefore, it cut the poverty-pension to an over-aged widow, when it found out, the home she was living in was in her name. Even though she had  inherited it after her husbands’ death, even though the land-house was half burnt down during the wildfires of 2007.

With a single click on delete button, the Farmers’ Fund (OGA) cut the woman’s pension, the only source of income.

Why? Because according to the current taxation law, the widow was subject to so-called “deemed or persumption income”. The tax office (theoretically) calculates that the woman has to have 7,000 euro annual income in order to maintain her land-house and cover her living expenses, the Greek Finance Ministry state estimates as 3,000 euro for a single person.

Speaking to PatrasTimes, the chairwoman of local property owners association described the act as “state cruelty”, saying that the state punishes everyone who has a roof over his head, as in the case of the over-aged woman in Palaiovarvasaina, Ilias in Peloponnese.

OGA pensions are in the average 360 euro per month.

PS Meanwhile those fake blinds, fake disabled and fake pensioners who illegally received for years allowances, benefits and pensions are still walking around free. Together with them, the civil servants who issued fake papers for fake incomes.

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  1. What can you say about this, except that it is typical of the inept, inadequate and downright dishonest way the authorities go about things. To own any sort of property doesn’t mean it will enable you to eat, pay bills etc. Just disgusting.

  2. This country should be ashamed of itself treating people like this. We have a low income from a disability pension from the UK, but we are being taxed on assumed income just like this lady. People are being taxed on income they do not have coming in. How can anyone be expected to pay tax on income they do not have? I am writing articles on the internet and spreading the word as to how the pensioners and other ordinary people are going hungry to cover the thieving of the bankers and politicians…