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SYRIZA MP: “Greeks Face an Unprecedented Humanitarian Catastrophe”

“Greeks face an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe as health, education and public administration collapse, salaries and pensions shrink, while the unemployment is on the rise with one out of two young people without job,” Rena Dourou, MP from left-wing SYRIZA, told Austrian newspaper “Wiener Zeitung“.

“The policies of IMF bring nothing except deeper recession and crisis, ” Dourou said.

Referring to the extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Dourou pointed out that this phenomenon does not concern only Greece but the whole Europe.

“The acts of violence by the members of Golden Dawn harm democracy. European countries that have experience with this phenomenon, must clearly take position. Today, the Golden Dawn attempts to fascistically undermine the democratic institutions in Greece. What will happen tomorrow?”

Last June, an MP of GD threw a glass of water at Dourou and punched a Communist MP during a live TV show. Dourou told WZ that she didn’t consider it as a personal attack, but as a symbol of the GD mentality:

“That was not a purely personal dispute. It was symbolic for the mentality of Golden Dawn. This can be summed up in one word: violence. Both physically and verbally. And this did not take long, it erupted after Golden Dawn got seven percent at the elections and won 18 seats  in the parliament. The attacks on immigrants, but also against Greek citizens are growing every day, attacks in public places, in hospitals, at flea markets. The most shocking thing is that the members of Golden Dawn do not even hide. With their open racist messages, they  want to intimidate immigrants and Greeks who disagree with them. As society, we need to respond immediately, with resolution and solidarity. SYRIZA will not allow them to subvert democracy.”

PS A society in distress, a broke state, humanitarian catastrophe and violence by elected members of a political party. What will happen tomorrow?

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  1. Hilarious., COMMUNIST Syriza complaining about “extremism”.

    How many Greeks did the communists murder during Greek civil war? How many violent riots today involve communists (including even a few deaths).

  2. She forgot to mention the disastrous effects of mass-immigration – maybe she hasn’t got the open letter from the residents of Athens:

    In an open letter to the main leftwing opposition party SYRIZA and the Communist Party (KKE), residents of central Athens referred to «the destruction of the city» and accused the parties of projecting a «so-called leftwing mask of humanitarianism and solidarity» on the thorny issue of illegal immigrants.

    The residents called on the extreme rightwing Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) to «name Mr. Tsipras and Mrs. Papariga honorary presidents,» referring to SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras and KKE chief Aleka Papariga. «It seems that they are contributing to its rise,» the letter said, referring to the growing popularity of the ultra-right group.

    In their letter, the residents accuse the Greek Left of supporting capitalism and globalization by allowing the mass settlement in the capital of «smugglers and their victims.»

    Concluding, the residents said that they would not allow further provocative statements by the leftist groups ostensibly supporting immigrants to go unanswered.


    • You’ve mentioned this so called “open letter” before. Still trying to give it some legitimacy, are you?
      It is suspiciously lacking of signatories, while it’s wording is a dead give-away of it’s true origins. A political headquarters in Athens with fascist/racist tendencies should give you a good idea of where this really comes from.

    • Ok, we got it. we have a Danish GD support here with fragmented knowledge of the Greek reality