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Chrysi Avgi MP Punches Communist MP On Live TV Studio (video)

Greece is speechless! Totally out of control  spokesman of Chrysis Avgi (Golden Dawn) and elected MP Ilias Kasidiaris punched Communist KKE MP Liana Kanelli while on live studio on ANT1 TV on Thursday morning. Just seconds earlier Kasidiaris had thrown water against SYRIZA MP Rena Dourou. The prosecutor asked the arrest of Golden Dawn MP for “dangerous physical damage”, while he is on the run.

In this unprecedented incident of violence outbreak by a member of the Greek Parliament, a panel of representatives of several parties was invited at the morning programme of Giorgos Papadakis. The tone of the debate was already high when it went out of control.

 Kasidiaris and Kanelli had already exchanged their views in “French” with Kasidiaris calling her in a scorning way “old communist” (παλιοκομμούνι) and she calling him “German-collaborator” (Γερμανο-τσολιας= a description for collaborators during WWII occupation) and “fascist” (φασισταριό).

When Dourou intervened and mentioned the running trial against Kasidiaris, who got outraged. When Dourou said “Your party will take Greece 500 years back”, Kasidiaris grabbed the glass of water standinig in front of him emptying it at Dourou.

Kanelli jumped up telling him “Get out of here, asshole!”. Kasidiaris stood up and started punching Kanelli with his fists while presenter Papadakis intervened shouting “No! No!”

Video: Kasidiaris – Dourou- Kanelli YouTube took down the video for violating terms of use (lol)

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Ο Κασιδιάρης χαστούκισε την Κανέλλη από newsview



According to Greek media, while Kasidiaris was leaving the studio he allegedly beat also the programme editor in chief. 

The incident occurred a couple of minutes before 10 am. Half an hour earlier the Athens prosecutor had ordered ex officio the arrest of Kasidiaris.

As of 11:01 am the whereabouts of Kasidiaris are not known. ANT1 reports that the police is searching for his red car and has already surrounded his home.

Kasidiaris was elected as MP at May 6 elections. However as the Parliament opened for only two days and new elections are under way he is not protected by ‘deputy immunity’. His current status is just “candidate”.  The arrest warrant is for charges of “dangerous physical damage”. 

Ilias Kasidiaris in currently on trial with the offence of ‘collaboration in robbery’.

With the exception of Golden Dawn, all political parties condemned the assault, with SYRIZA, Independent Greeks and PASOK asaying that they won’t participate in debates where members of GD are present.

Pavlopoulos (ND). who was present at the incident. told Skai TV that the Radio&Television Council should issue a media ban for all GD representatives.


– Journalist Delatolas who was also present and stood up to get Kasidiaris under control, told Real FM that Kasidiaris threatened leaving studio, that he’ll be back with more of his kind…

Kanelli showing the fist print…

– Journalists and technicians of  ANT1 TV managed to confine Kasidiaris to a room but he broke the door and escaped.

-Liana Kanelli stated that she would not sue him “because such an issue cannot be solved with a complaint. His mother should be proud of him.”

– Unconfirmed report :  Ilias Kasidiaris claims that “Kanelli attacked him first, he was in self-defense” and that he would “sue her”.

According to Proto Thema, GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos claimed that Kasidiaris was provoked by Kanelli because she threw the papers at him first. Michaloliakos said, “people should carefully watch the video”.

PASOK described GD as ‘neo-nazis“, “cowards” and “thugs” and called those who voted for GD on May 6 to reconsider.

– Dangerous polarisation of the Greek society: Greeks are divided on the incident – While many condemn the GD violence outbreak, others express their understanding…

-Chrysi Avgi backs Kasidiaris in a statement saying “Kanelli hit him first” and declares a media embargo to all tv stations and newspapers in order to “undelrine our isolation.”

UPDATES: 7 p.m.
– Kasidiaris is still on the run and is most probably hidding, while police and prosecutor are searching him. Some Greek media claim that he would most probably remain on the run until Saturday morning in order to avoid being arrested due to “48 hours period of cuaght in act of committing an offence”.

-SYRIZA MP Rena Dourou is apparently going to file a complaint against Kasidiaris. Kanelli has said that she would refrain from legal measures.

– Giorgos Delatolas who was present at the incident said while at Skai TV on Thursday afternoon, that Kasidiaris also hit the programme presenter Papadakis and that he broke the studio door.

Kasidiaris’ Facebook pae has been reported to be taken down due to insulting comments posted by his friends.

-The Greek society is still in shock seeing someone who claims to represent his voters at the Greek parliament to punch with four kick-boxing right-left blows a woman who could be his mother.

At May 6 elections, 14,000 Greek voters marked a cross at the name of Kasidiaris on the Chrysi Avgi ballot paper.

To be Continued…

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  1. he is not protected by ’deputy immunity’…
    You mean if he was, he would have been protected???? How far does ‘deputy immunity’ goes???

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it goes so far until MPs vote in the parliament to be lifted.

    • Some years ago, a parliamentarian in Ireland was caught drink-driving trhough Dublin. Anybody else would be put of the road for a year or 2 and get a hefty fine. As he came from a party held by his (ruling government)party in their parliament offices, he claimed “parliamentary immunity”. The judge agreed…
      It is not just Greece that is and HAS TO fight corruption, it is unfortunately wide spread. An other aspect of the European problem as Tsipras calls it.

  2. The beast is back … take care !!!

  3. This is really scary…. he is an elected MP

  4. Fascists. Animals. Thugs. Beasts. Thick as picksh**t.
    This Ilias Whatsits is obviously an idiot and should be arrested and banned from even running for parliament.
    But the real thing is: SHAME ON WHOEVER IS VOTING FOR AN OPENLY NAZI PARTY in 2012.

    Oh and one more thing…to Golden Dawn voters: how would you like it if the millions of Greek migrants around the world were kicked out of the country over night? Does your thick skull ever think about the hypocrisy of what you spurt out?

    • First they beat the opponents, then they will beat your children … you already know the story !


    • Even in so-called civilized countries they kick ILLEGAL immigrants out..

      So, the problem of mass migration is not simple but more complex as to its causes.. BUT truth be told…at the end of the day Greece simply does not have the resources to absorb so many people of such alien cultures.

      Many people are fed up with the crime of the illegal immigrants and feeling like strangers in their own small poor land. GReece is not australia or the USA economically nor in size or population size.

      dont compare apple with oranges.

    • He is an army commando…and an animal.
      If he had a paper plane he would have stuffed it down her throat or something.
      Seriously this guy nEeds to be institutionalised.

  5. Great news.
    Let them show on TV what they really are.

    • Loukanikos how true you say!! I always tell my Greek friends to let them (X.A.) have as much air time as they want because these guys always do and say things that show their true intentions which hopefully will alienate more and more voters and they won’t get their 3%. These grandmothers who voted for them for security may have second thoughts when they see who they really are…..

      • the problem with what your saying is that KKE or Syriza etc. do not show any practical day to day concern about the native Greeks whose lives have been touched by illegal immigration in negative ways.

        i.e where are the communist youth, syriza youth protecting grandpa and grandma who feel scared to leave their house and go to the atm.
        or bringing food to homes of poor Greeks?

        Gold Dawn is doing many practical helpful things like that …if I was one of those people benefiting from XA protection I would of course continue to vote for them.

        In a video clip i say on youtube a greek lady was saying her friend was an arch communist but was voting XA after being beat down for her purse by some afghani thugs.

        • P.J., no matter how good they do, the fact that they are holocaust deniers was too much for any serious decent person to stomach.

          For example, some say Hitler loved his dog, does that make him suddenly a nice guy now? Please…..

          And don’t get me wrong, the communists are also quite bizarre for my taste as well.

          But don’t get me started as if it was up to me, I’d have left Papademos or even George Papandreou in there as Greece was just starting to make progress with the IMF/EU who hold the future for Greece, not any current Greek politicians I’m afraid.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            “making progress”… whay progress? Papandreou paved the way for a 2. bailout, Papademos signed it. #missed_the_progress

          • I think that without Euro/IMF assistance, Greece will collapse. I don’t mean to be impolite, but in Greece, people are just too close to the issue and too emotional to be objective and don’t think logically on the issue. But, everything I read in serious pubs such as WSJ, Forbes etc, show that progress was being made. Funds were coming in, and money was being paid to the lendors, that is progress. The goal is to pay off the loans that Greece owns so it can retain it’s good name.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            Funds from Greece’s lenders are no charity aid but loans the Greeks have to pay back.And if a 2. bailout had to come it means the 1. failed with a bing -bang sound. Why the 1 failed?

          • No, agreed it’s not charity. And it failed because the austerity doesn’t work. I agree with this too, as well as President Obama. But, going back to the main point, the loan must be paid regardless if Greece wants to get it’s rating back and it’s good name.

            Honorable people pay back their loans, and Greece is always bragging about how great and honorable they are, so start by paying the loan at all costs and show the world how great you are again.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            honorable people should pay their loans but what if it is not my loan and yet I am asked to pay for this? what if only the majority of low incomers and pensioners pay by being directly affected and those who really profited by the state borrowing are less affected?

          • In reality, ktg, Greece hasn’t paid a single cent back in the last years (essentially, the Troika pays all the premiums on the debt plus the budget deficit) and the chances that you will in the future are lower than those that you will win the EM. So, let’s be realistic, that money is lost, always was seen as probably lost by the Troika (they can do the math, too), and the rescue payments are indeed a form of European charity.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            IMF part of european charity fund? lol

  6. I was planning to go to Greece for my MA in September this year, but seeing all that’s going on..radical-right gaining more influence, attacks on foreigners, now this animal-like behaviour…and from an elected MP! I am honestly scared to go study there 🙁

  7. Irrespective of the actual fight it is shameful that (certainly on my computer here in the UK) the posted video has been removed by the nanny censors of YouTube.
    This is a real political event! Not some fictional video nasty.
    OK some people will watch and get a voyeuristic thrill that doesn’t matter… These are democratically elected politicians – yes they are fighting but the electors need to be able to see what is happening.

    ( it’s OK I found the video elsewhere on the interweb before anyone posts a link)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s not voyeurism… it’s plain evidence.
      You don’t see the video on my blog from your pc?

      • It’s back now but when I first looked at it, a message came up saying that it violated Youtube’s rules on content and was removed.

        And I agree with you it is evidence – these are people standing for public office and electors should be able to make up their own minds about their behaviour

        even if some people would watch in the same way as they enjoy watching a brawl in the street that doesn’t mean everybody should be denied access

  8. “While many condemn the GD violence outbreak, others express their understanding…”
    Understanding? On being a bloody arrogant, nasty and violent bastard? Shame on the people who support such a man and such a party. I’ve lived here in Greece for about 5 years, and I am married to a Greek. I have had my fair share of racism in the past 5 years living here but seeing what has happened in the last few months has made me wary to even walk the streets of the neighbourhood I live in. ντροπή.

  9. Always thought that most far-right people, regardless of the country of origin, have serious anger-management and psychological issues. Like, deeply entrenched problems with their short temper and aggression and human ineptitude. Witness how that geezer loses it with the water.

    But I’d have more respect for them, if they could at least take responsibility for their thuggery and messed-up pysche. No, they don’t. Look how pathetic and child-like Kasidiaris and Golden Dawn (more Golden Shower like, if you’re a fellow UK reader you’d know what it means) are in saying that “Kanelli attacked first”!!!!? WTF? What… with papers?

    So you big macho bloke attack a middle-aged tiny harmless woman with your fists in retaliation to what…a sheet of paper aimed at you? And you call yourself a man?

    Fascists are indeed pathetic creatures.

    • I applaud your comments…no man, for whatever reason, should raise his hand to a woman.

      We are now seeing their true colours and they do not deserve to be part of such a great nation’s politics.

      I hope Kanelli will sue him, even just for the protection of other women against this sort of thuggery.

      • Well, imho this view is a bit outdated nowadays. We’re living in a time of gender equality (at least that’s the legal standard), feminism, and women boxing championships. So, if a female attacks me with a newspaper, I, as a manly man, will defend myself by throwing paper planes at her! Only fair.

  10. Incredible, and horrifying.
    It’s such bad publicity for Chrysi Avgi that you wonder if Kasidiaris was actually bribed by someone from another party to do that! (No, I am not serious.)
    I also note that he is such a brave man that he chose to attack two women: one with water, and the other with his fists. What a fine example of Greek manhood he is!

    • This idiot is not an example of manhood anywhere, Greek or otherwise. He and the likes of him are not worthy of being called human, never mind the gender…

  11. Although Kanelli with her historically anti-American rhetoric is someone I’m not very fond of, she certainly does not deserve to be attacked while saying her opinion.

  12. Aftos o varvaros den exi kamia 8esi stin elliniki dimokratia.

  13. Let’s hope that the “bravery” of Ilias Kasidiaris is witnessed by the 450,000 people who voted for the party and ideals he represents, and makes them have a very good think about what they actually voted for. He could not have shown them in a better way.

  14. As has been the case lately, KTG does NOT report the WHOLE truth. IF you take the time to watch the short video posted here of the very event, you will see that at 1:19 the woman who claims she was hit, IS THE FIRST TO STRIKE THE MP FROM GOLDEN DAWN. It is a plain as the nose on your face, assuming you are a REAL human.

    Since I don’t speak fluent Greek, I cannot comment on the language used and do not know what exactly was said. But I do speak body language, inflection, and volume in arguments and it is clear that the MP from Golden Dawn is very passionate about what he is saying and the content, and the 2 others who were involved were most definitely dismissing him out of hand or attempting to put him in his place based on their ideologies.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      sure, you beat with kick-boxing fists somebody who hit you with a newspaper. Especially a woman who could be your mother. And you do not stop until somebody holds you back. You can also empty a glass of water at somebody if you do not like what he says. You can also spit, and slap, and use all possible violence you can think of, if you’re out of arguments or if you’re trained to persuade with assualts. You can do anything you want. But not here. Move to another jungle, please.
      PS The punches are typical kick-boxing blows – own experience.

    • He should have called an ambulance (or rahter, a whaaaaaambulance) for his serious injuries. And the police, to arrest the killer granny from hell with the deadly paper weapon!
      OMG, what is this, serious politicians, responsible adults, real representatives of the people, in the halls where democracy shall reign, or a kindergarten on acid?

    • For somebody who doesn’t speak Greek fluently, you give a pretty accurate summary of the drivvel put out by the fascists to try and justify this unpallatable, but only too common C.A. policy. You did forget the bit about the communist and media conspiracy banning you from telling the Greek People about the “values” you hold. As for reading body language, inflection and volume in arguments, you really want to polish up your art, it’s extremely lacking in anything that could be remotely called accurate.

    • I am sure the Nazis who killed millions in Europe a short 70 years ago were also passionate about their work and ideals. What are you saying Ann. Any fool can be passionate about any misguided notion in his head. Does that give him the reason of instant reprisals. If he had a gun in his hand would he have been justified in using it because of his passion in his argument? Of course not. This is why we have laws and we have a society. That is to stop any paranoid idiot from attacks on other human beings.

    • A man boxes a woman old enough to be his mum. Unless this is redneck USA it has no place in a democratic and progessive country. She threw a newspaper to an ex-commando. He is not made of butter. He threw punches. Kaneli preaches a lot and she is exactly the kind of people that destroyed Greece because all they do is talk talk talk over a cup of coffee or 5. However, this is not an excuse in a modern society to hit anyone and if we are also talking about class and manners then you should defintely not hit a woman.

      And since you do not speak fluent Greek perhaps you should be forgiven for standing up for Nazis. If I were a GD member I would not forgive you though!

    • What’s your point?? Punching someone is right?
      Where do you come from? Or rather, when? The middle ages?

  15. That’s how the downhill road towards totalitarism started in Germany in the 1920s, too. With fistfights between fascists and communists. And if the democratic parties can’t find common ground and unite against the extremists, Greece will become a dictatorship, too. Just look at Hungary now. Stay alert and prevent a one party rule!

    • A clever one-party rule is better than a idiot-filled multi-party one 🙂
      By the way, democratic parties only find common ground in stealing
      and can’t unite against extremists because they don’t like immigrants too.
      Are you satisfied now ?

      • “a clever one party rule”? Oh, please! We’re talking about Greece. Let’s stay realistic.

  16. What you call “democratic parties” are in fact mafiosi similar to the Golden Dawn thugs, calling for pogroms against “illegal aliens”, “aids carrying prostitutes”, “leftwing extremists”, and pretty much everyone except their own party-mafia governance that brings millions of Euro in their own pockets, condemning the Greek people to misery, debt and this kind of cannibalism.

    The only ones that can resist this cannibalist frenzy are the Greeks and immigrants fighting in the streets, in self managed groups and popular assemblies against this system in crisis that bears it.

    And don’t warry, we know how to fight and win, we are the grandchildren of ’73 antijunta insurrection and the children of December 2008, we wont simply go down like that.:)

  17. The excellent Euclid Tsakalotos of Syriza interviewed here on Australian television — very good:

  18. Greek communist face slapped might be justified? Dirty secret might be worse…

    The News set up hostile environment. It was a SLAP. If he punched her she would have been knocked out since reports indicate he knows martial arts.

    • When I see the video I see a series of punches.
      Get back in your closet, libertard

  19. I think this simply shows the far right’s, now familiar ability to recruit, exploit and prime the mentally ill. This has been obvious in actions of threat and murder in Sweden, the rampage in Norway and now showing their true colours in Greece.
    They are incapable of any dialectical approach to solving issues and have no place in a civilised world.

  20. Has anyone asked John Prescott to comment…:)

  21. I try not to generalize, but if Greece votes in these strange people of ‘Golden Dawn’, there goes the tourism. The only people that would ever come would be the neo nazi (actually KKK) people from the US.

    Seriously Greece, HOW DID YOU VOTE THESE IDIOTS IN???

    Can all of the racist people just be put in the middle of Africa and enclosed?? They’d be really happy because they can all be unified, and the rest of us would sleep peacefully.

  22. I’ve read some in the KKK (Google Omaha and Greeks early 1900s) would find Greeks inferior unfortuantely, so don’t invite them over here please (LOL), but at least in the USA, the FBI monitors the KKK so there is something being done.