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Greece’s Electricity Workers (GENOP-DEH)To Start 48-Hour Rolling Strikes

Greece΄s electricity workers union GENOP-DEH will start rolling 48-hour strikes as of October 1st, 2012  to protest austerity measures demanded by the country΄s international lenders.

Strikes at state-controlled utility PPC(DEH) have in the past led to rotating power cuts across the country, as the grid operator reduces the load to prevent wider blackouts. PPC is the country΄s single power retailer and produces about 70 percent of all electricity generated in the country.

The strike will begin as early as October 1 if the government submits new austerity measures to parliament next week, said PPC΄s labor union GENOP-DEH, one of the most militant unions. If the vote takes place later in the month, the strikes will be postponed accordingly.

The walkout poses yet another challenge to the wage and pension cuts that Athens is negotiating with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to obtain fresh bailout funds.

“These measures … must not be allowed to go through. GENOP-DEH wants to reverse this policy,” the union said.

GENOP also urged labor union confederation GSEE, the country΄s biggest, to step up its anti-austerity action after a nationwide 24-hour strike on Wednesday. If GSEE agrees to new labor action, GENOP will call off its strike, it said. (REUTERS via

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  1. Great! Working by candlelight and getting out the old bicycle to generate power to operate the computers.
    And their target is what? Rolling strikes to pressure another union into action? Thought I had seen everything. What’s next? Dentist drilling deeper to pressure hospitals to go on strike? Hairdressers cutting randomly and dying Greek women hair black to get the boats to stop sailing? To name just two… 😉

    • keeptalkinggreece

      next is consumers will stop buying goods.

      • If the crisis is as big as we all think, the fact that consumers still are buying goods, and at inflated prices is one of the enigma’s of Greece.