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Athens: Young Nurse Jumps from 6th Floor After Losing Job

A young nurse jumped from the sixth floor of a building in Pangrati district of Athens. According to Greek media, the nurse was recently fired.  Dramatic details come into light with her sister reportedly to have desperately tried to prevent the woman from committing suicide.
“She was holding her with both hands, but the body of the unlucky woman slipped though” to a tragic death…

It is the second suicide in Athens within the last 24 hours.

Two young women decide to put an end to their lives. The crisis is here and stays and devours our souls and minds.

If now also young people commit suicide, well.. I don’t know what to say…

UPDATE: According to latest report the nurse was 36 years old and the incident occurred on Thursday noon.

Suffer in silence, live in despair… Suicide Help Line <1018> e-mail: [email protected] 24/7

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  1. are we marvellous or not in ireland all of the other countries effected in eu take to the streets without us
    we had a spontaneous demonstration outside of our government buildings last evening of a few thousand people
    we had a case of an indian women who was denied an abortion and died as a result!
    these are the same politicans that have failed to bring forward laws covering these circumstances OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS
    we have people just as you who are in deep trouble due to no fault of their own and still we cooperate with these same individuals
    shame on us as irish people

  2. The poor ladies. I think people need more than just a suicide line. When so many people are losing their jobs, there should be something in every neighbourhood to provide solace to people, to let them know they are still people and they will survive. I read something about domestic abuse being up in Greece too with women inflicting physical and emotional abuse upon husbands who lose jobs. In our socieites, without jobs we are nothing (I am unemployed right now and got a family member coming up and saying ‘Are you still idling?”) People need to hear something else on a massive scale not just through a suicide line one may pick up the phone for or not.

    • @ Jean, I don’t think you realize just how correct you are with your statement that there needs to be a community approach to this. Every community, including schools, trade unions, youth organizations, etc. needs to be given the tools to deal with this as a community. Like poverty, suicide is not just the problem of the person directly affected by it. It is also the problem of the community that person is part of. The most effective approach to suicide prevention is proven to be community approach. And the community approach does not need lots of investement etc. Something as simple as a community group regularly visiting the elderly in the community, especially in winter time, is all that is needed. It is a win win situation. The net effect of depression (the main trigger for suicide) is mental isolation. That is what results in the prison of loneliness. Getting somebody in that situation involved in their community gives them focus and kills the isolation. The effect is phenominal, on both the individual and the community. That is something an idling, unemployed person could easily organize in her community…

  3. six different administrations have failed to confront this issue
    women have to ‘break ‘ the law and go to the uk
    they are fearfull of being stopped and questioned about their journeys
    the population are so divided about the A word that the politicans run scared every time this issue arises
    now that that poor women has died surely they will be forced to finally confront it
    we have an inquiry coming to ascertain the detail of this appalling tragedy
    the indians must be surprised to find such backward country posing as a responsibil society