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Preveza Municipality: One Euro for the Strays :)

Municipality of Preveza in Western Greece, took a pioneer step in the care of stray dogs and cats. It will charge residents with one euro via the bills for Municipality Water & Sewerage  issued every three months. These revenues will be spent for the needs of strays in municipality shelter and the strays that roam hungry or sick through the streets of Preveza.

The decision was overwhelmingly adopted by the City Counsil. Preveza has almost 30,000 inhabitants.

Bravo to Preveza major Christos Bailis – We hope to see other municipalities do the same, as the economic crisis has dramatically increased the number of abandoned pets.


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  1. I hope the money goes to the care of the animals and not to buying Porsche Cayennes!

  2. How many dogs and how do they know the numbers ? I expect we will see a lot of Stray dogs & cats poisoned by annoyed non animal lovers having to pay this. It would be better to introduce an animal license for dogs and also an insurance for the animals owner for their dog causing damage e.g. car accidents, bites etc. the Germans have got this at least right.