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Greek Police set up phone line to report racist attacks

Greek police started a service where victims and concerned citizens can report incidents of racist attacks. Under telepone number <11414> any Greek or foreigner can report racism motivated attacks. Departments and Offices of Racial Violence Response went in effect on Monday, January 17th 2013. The assigned offices will  collect data and collaborate with various agencies and organizations, social organizations as well  with international organizations.

“The report can be made even anonymously or by a third person and not directly by the victim. The anonymity of the reporter is secured” (To Vima)

They will also assist authorities and other agencies in investigating cases, will inform victims about their rights, will provide for medical and hospital care or psychological support to the victims, maintain records of incidents of racist violence and will report directly to the prosecution of any case that will be automatically investigated by the prosecutors.

Phone number to report racist attacks to Greek police: <11414> operating 24/7

However, “any illegal immigrant who claims to have fallen victim of a racist attack is not to be excluded from the legal deportation process,” so the police. This measure aims to prevent extortion of the new service against racist attacks.

“Racist attacks: any crimes that refer to commitment or preparation or public incitement, provocation or stimulation to commit crimes, or acts and actions that can lead to discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of race, color, religion, descent and national or ethnic origin.” (Greek Police via UNHCR Against racism/Greek section)

200 police officers from the Security Services will be assigned to the two departments in Athens and Thessaloniki and the 68 offices across the country.

However, the United Nations High Commission for Refuges criticized the Greek police saying that the new service excludes ‘undocumented immigrants’ as it threatens to deport them. Furthermore, it underlines that the new departments address only the ‘documented immigrants’ and not asylum seekers who didn’t manage to apply for asylum yet.

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  1. There won’t be many calls unfortuantely, as what illegal immigrant will want to take the risk of being rounded up on the skoopa. They need to change that one part. Just like in the US in many states, the police are not authorized to ask residence status when a person reports a crime. Seems to make sense to me.

  2. It’s a beginning though………siga siga.