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Lagarde List inquiry claims one victim: a broken MP finger

The voices of angry lawmakers could be heard in the corridors of the Greek Parliament. Inside the room where the parliamentary committee investigating the involvement of former finance minister George Papakonstantinou in the Lagarde list was examining a witness, blood was boiling and tension was high.

       Greek parliament4

Markogiannakis, Kapernaros, Georgiadis, Constantopoulou

Reason for the outrage was the intention of committee chairman to end the examination of former finance ministry general secretary Spyros Plaskovitis.

The dialogue leaked to the media was like that:

 Markogiannakis (ND) chairman: no other questions, the meeting is concluded

Kapernaros (INDEPENDENT GREEKS): We have more questions, it is important for the substance

Georgiadis (ND) toKapernaros: You posed 400 questions, the 401th question would mean covering up the case?

Constantopoulou (SYRIZA) to Plaskovitis: Do not get up and leave, it is illegal …

Markogiannakis: I am the chairman, the meeting is concluded

Constantopoulou: I accuse you for harboring and concealing a criminal

Georgiadis to Constantopoulou: You see yourself as the chairman of a People’s court to slaughter people as back then

Markogiannakis (leaving): I can’t take it anymore, this situation is incredible

During the verbal confrontation Kapernaros hit his hand so hard on the table that he broke his finger and was taken to the hospital.

Kapernaros: “it was a bad moment”

Later, Markogiannakis told reporters that he will “either get a heart attack or a brain stroke”…

PS I hope the unjured MP won’t claim ‘compensation’ or some kind of benefit for sufferin gan accident during work…

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  1. At least the guy has some passion for what he does.

  2. I wonder how much of this was for show?