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Scandal: salaries of 8 board members of Greek FSFcost €785,000 per year

Despite the economic crisis, the revenues missing the targets and the millions of citizens hardly making ends meet, there is always money for party officials and Greece’s “friends”. A copy from the Government Newspaper, the official press organ where government decisions are published, appeared on Tuesday afternoon on Greek internet.

What does the copy from January 3oth 2012 tells us? The salaries of the members of the managers board at the Greek Financial Stability Fund. Six Greeks and two foreigners working for the benefits of debt-ridden country (not the people) earn together  785,000 euro per year. In salaries.

Members of General Council:
President: Paul Koster, €100,000
Members: Andreas Meroutsos,  Pierre Mariani, Giorgos Mergos (Greek FinMin repr), Eythimios Gatzonas (BoG repr) €30,000 euro

Members of Executive Board:

CEO Anastasia Sakellariou, €215,000 (18,000 euro per month)
Deputy CEO: Marios Kolliopoulos €185,000
Member: Anastasios Gagalis €165,000
While the majority of the board members are unknown to public, one is well-known internationally and one just locally.
Paul Koster, Dutch, former CEO of  Dubai Financial Services Authority.
Pierre Mariani, French, former CEO of  bankrupt Dexia bank. When CEO Mariani gave himself a salary increase of 30%.

Dexia Bank/Salary of Pierre Mariani :

Pierre Mariani, close to Nicolas Sarkozy, obtained a salary that was 30% higher than that of his predecessor. The board of directors unanimously accepted on 13 November 2008 to upgrade the yearly salary of the CEO to €1 million, and to fix the maximum bonus at €2.25 million. Miller’s salary was €825,000, with a maximum bonus of €1.8 million.

Giorgos Mergos, deputy Finance Minister who triggered outrage when he claimed minimum wage of €586/511 per month was much too high.
According to official HFSF website, the purpose of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund,  is to maintain the stability of the Greek banking system through the strengthening of the capital adequacy of credit institutions, including subsidiaries of foreign credit institutions, provided they legally operate in Greece under the authorization of the Bank of Greece, and through the recapitalization of transitional credit institutions
The unofficial purpose is apparently to feed with golden spoons some Greeks and to give shelter and additional income to some foreigners who used to earn millions in the past but where kind of disgraced.
The salary decision bears the signature of Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras. The minister who jumps on the neck of the low pensioner and the unemployed trying to squeeze out the last available cent apparently for much needed tax revenues. Because allegedly the state registers are empty.
The esteemed members of the Greek FSF are assigned from 1. February 2013 until 30. June 2017. that is they will cost Greek taxpayers more than 3 million euro.
PS important note: the Dutch and the French earn much less than the Greeks – maybe the savings from their salaries go to those poor families that spend the winter without heating lol
Salary/members sources: news247,gr,

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    • So are they John, so are they. I’m really surprised they didn’t appoint a few of our esteemed, slightly disgraced Irish bankers to this farce. They make Koster and Mariani look like mediocre schoolboys. I suppose they could not afford the real pro’s…
      And the really sad thing is that there are still a majority of people out there who think is all “for the better of the country”.