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Athens: PPC cuts electricity to IKA branch due to outstanding debts

Greek Public Power Company (DEH) cut on Tuesday morning the electricity supply to IKA branch in Acharnes suburb due to outstanding debts. Unconfirmed information claim the debts reach several thousands of euro.

Speaking to news portal NewsIt, the branch director said they were looking into the problem of power outage. He added, they thought it might have been a technical problem.

Hundreds of patients were sent away as no appointment with doctors or administration departments was possible without electricity. Doctors cannot prescribe medicine as the system is electronically supported.

IKA is the biggest insurance fund in Greece. And Acharnes is the fourth municipality in population within the Attica prefecture.

The outage occurred apparently without previous warning.

PS I can tell from friends’ experiences that the power outage indeed occurs from one moment to the next and that those without previous experience normally call the electrician to check for technical problem. It soon turns out that the problem is in fact a technical one:  however not in the wires but in the pockets of the PPC customers.


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