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German Minister Fuchtel boosts relations with Greek Tourism Minister Kefaloyianni

“Greece is an impressive vacations country,” said German Labour undersecretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel and grabbed the hands of the attractive Greek Tourism minister Olga Kefaloyianni. He look a bit down to the magnetic Cretan girl – and it looks as if he felt he was about to lose himself inside the eternal brown of her eyes.


The Teuton with the commanding figure had just arrived in the capital of the debt-ridden country. Together with former Greek national team coach Otto Rehhagel. By order of Angela Merkel.

Fuchtel arrived in Athens with his elegant suits trying to cover up the traces of good home cooking, and a splendid hair treatment.

Sulz, Neckar meets Irakleio, Crete

H-J Fuchtel has been assigned by Chancellor Angela Merkel to assist Greeks in restructiring the municipality sector and boost bileteral-relations.


It is not known how good the Greek municipalities are been restructured. But the Greek-German relations are certainly boosted.

It’s not important what the two ministers said. They agreed on everything at first sight 🙂

PS there picture made a Kathimerini daily editor to recall some funny line from a Greek film with comedians Papayiannopoulos and Konstantaras. But this would be too difficult to explain here… sorry.

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  1. To be fair to Olga, it looks like the picture was snapped just as they were going to embrace (extremely briefly) as Greeks do for a peck on the cheek and now she’s immortalized as lasting for ever.

    Olga is a very extremely good locking woman, and most likely one of the prettiest ministers in the world.

    So, good for her for welcoming the delegation and not nice to the media for trying to tease her. She’s one of the good things about Greece we should be proud of.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I also had trust in her when she took office as she had (allegedly) experience in the tourism issues. But looking good or beiing pretty does not make you a successful minister.
      BTW: nobody teased her

      • Maybe a flash mob would have been a better welcome, and she does have experience in that area, no?

      • You are right that being pretty or good looking has nothing to do with her qualifications, but being a nice person who is also very pretty is not a bad thing. I think her demeanor and good looks could help Greece charm the savage beasts of the EU. She certainly seems to have more gravitas than the polar opposites of Venizelos/Pangalos types if you get my drift.

  2. I think all Greek lady are pretty but need to smile more at Laiki. All sad faces lately