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Students protest Christine Lagarde over IMF’s austerity policies (video)

A group of chanting students protested IMF head Christine Lagarde, while she was delivering a speech on the European debt crisis. Lagarde was answering pre-approved questions of students at the University of Amsterdam, when protesters started to chant anti-austerity and anti-IMF slogans, criticizing the policies of International Monetary Fund.

Lecture of Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Lagarde just wanted to talk about the European debt crisis, when a young woman rose up and started to make an announcement, ironically saying “Madame Lagarde”. The woman’s sentences were being repeated by a group of organized students distributed among the audience.

Christine Lagarde put a professional-distanced smile on her face awaiting for security guards to restore order.

Indeed, security guards grabbed the young woman and several other protesters. The young woman kept reading her protest announcement while she was taken away.

Video shown on Greek TV

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The nationality of the students was not revealed.

Video shown on Dutch TV (English)

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Speaking a little later to journalists, Christine Lagarde did not miss the chance to express “understanding for the frustration felt by the Greeks.”

PS rumors that millions of Greeks burst into tears hearing Lagarde’s solidarity are not confirmed….


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  1. Did you ever notice that the only supporters of the austerity programs are people on a 6 digit wage or more?
    Could it be that this urge to implement austerity has a lot more to do with protecting the life style of the Lagarde Gang than it has with saving the quality of life of the people, or just their very lives even?